The Indian film industry is the biggest in the world, with around 20 regional sectors collectively operating and manufacturing around 1,500 to 2,000 movies each year. Having started in Mumbai in 1913, it is also the second oldest film industry in the world. And this leviathan, which rakes in well over a billion dollars in yearly revenue, remains […]

Besides the entertainment value, a huge part of the enduring influence of Hindi films is the ability to provide history lesson to viewers with a strong dose of music, song, dance, and popular faces. Bollywood has seen many historical films which brought to life the chronicles and stories of the most powerful legends and heroes […]

सिनेमा : मांजा. कलाकार : अश्विनी भावे, रोहित फाळके, सुमेध मुद्गलकर, आणि इतर. कथा, पटकथा : जतीन वागले. संवाद : उपेंद्र सिधये. दिग्दर्शन : जतीन वागले. निर्मिती : इंडिया स्टोरीज, एम एफ डी सी.   गुण : पाच पैकी चार  ४/५   अधिक : मांजा. जमिनीवरील पतंग हवेत उडण्यासाठीचं महत्वाचं आणि अत्यावश्यक साधन. त्याला ढील […]

One of India’s most popular entertainment industry is quick to gain its audience in globally and US firms are making big bets on Bollywood which is the largest film producer in India and represents over 43% of the net box office revenue. The recent 18th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards event […]

Hindi Film Industry, also known as Bollywood, churns out approximately 1000 films every year, and is the largest film industry in the world. Ever since Alam Ara, India’s first sound film was produced in 1931, till the present day decade the film industry has had an astonishingly wealthy record of producing a wide range of […]

Bollywood has always been of a keen interest to the fans . The actors and actresses from the film industry are etched in our hearts for eternity.   We fans not only love our stars who shine on screen for their amazing acting skills and personality and as someone whom we keep on a pedestal.  We […]

With the onset of the monsoons and the arrival of the rains after the scorching temperatures that rise in the summers in most parts of India, monsoon is a much awaited season and it brings in the magical moments of the spell as well as the charm and soon we see couples continuing to flock […]

Year after year we flock to cinema halls to watch our favorite superstars dish out the same old stories and formula films ad nauseam. And they never fail to dissatisfy us by delivering precisely the products they pledge – masala cringe fests! However, every once in a while, arrive quality films to restore sanity back […]