The Horror in Bollywood started much earlier and has been around for many decades Before the Ramsays became popular for it. A typical thought that comes to our mind when we speak about  horror film is the creaking door or an ugly as hell monstrous creature or the graphics with blood stains , gory scenes […]

सिनेमा : टी टी एम एम तुझं तू माझं मी कलाकार : ललित प्रभाकर, नेहा महाजन, विद्याधर जोशी, सविता प्रभुणे, सतीश पुळेकर, भारत गणेशपुरे, सागर कारंडे, पुष्कर लोणारकर, कादंबरी कदम, लेखन : तेजपाल वाघ, छायाचित्रण : मयूर हरदास, संगीत : पंकज पडघन दिग्दर्शन : कुलदीप जाधव निर्मिती : वैशाली एंटरटेनमेंट, इरॉस इंटरनॅशनल.   परिणाम । […]

Successful Bollywood stars and their children who take on their role and join the film industry. At the onset of star kids  going to be the future stars of 2017- 2018, or perhaps even 2019,   the trend has been set a decade ago. The new stars of today know how to grab the spotlight and […]

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A Brief Time Line of Trends in Indian Cinema The term “Bollywood” came in to use during the 1970s. The phrase was a play on Hollywood, replacing the H with a B to show the connection to Bombay, the film hub of India. Although Indian films were made as early as 1913, the 1970s was […]

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DAWN OF THE DOCUMENTARY The development of the Indian Film Industry was not a smooth process. Several national leaders, including Gandhi, were opposed to the institution of a cinema business. Film was considered an inferior medium of expression because it appealed more to the senses than the intellect. It was a platform that could be […]