Bhootkal Marathi Movie Trailer| Hemangi Kavi, Bhushan Pradhan

A horror film in Marathi is as rare as they come. We have tons of family dramas but the horror ones are few and far between. So, it is certainly a welcome change to have a Marathi film release this Friday.

The film stars Hemangi Kavi and Bhushan Pradhan in the lead role. It has been directed by Anil Waghmare.

Bhootkal releases in the theatres on 2nd December, 2016.

The official synopsis:

The film is based on an old house where long back a landlord (MOROBA) was brutally murdered and buried at backyard of a bungalow. But since many years nobody had stayed there, Moroba’s (evil spirit) always wanted his land to be uninterrupted land. Here in recent time some of the students of Management College plan for a trip, whereas the said property belongs to Akshay’s (Lead actor) uncle. As soon as these group of student finishes their exam and turn towards the property to convert it into Hotel (as planed) they face a lot of paranormal activities regarding settlement of their business planning and recreating the said bungalow into hotel part. As said before an evil spirit of MOROBA tries to control these students through paranormal activities like over honk sound of wind, sound of door and floor bangs etc. and all these things could not stop Akshay doing his job to convert bungalow into hotel part. At the same time his friends and girlfriend faces the same consequences, where MOROBA tries to enter into a particular human body so as to kill each and everyone one by one within some time.
Overall watchman plays as suspect for happening activities and relatively faces some of the paranormal activities (evil power) forced by MOROBA. At the same time Akshay reveals a book and reads the written mantras which were not supposed to read as it may make awake to MOROBA always use to be in search of a live human body and finally he transforms amongst one of the friends. While killing ,MOROBA tackles act in an intelligent way. Finally when Maddy tries to control the entire situation he reveals that MOROBA had killed his friend where he plans to call TANTRIK to control MOROBA .Lastly MOROBA in evil voice reveals the whole cruel murder mystery. Finally TANTRIK fixes the agni and let MOROBA to enter in it so as to get MOKSH. Atlas Akshay survives with the help of Tantrik- MOROBA vanishes and warns Akshay that he will return anytime in future for revenge.

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