If Makarand Anaspure is the reigning king of comedy of the Marathi film world, Bharat Ganeshpure is the rising star. The actor who has become very popular courtesy his presence in the wildly popular TV show ‘Chala Hawa Yevu Dya’. He has his inimitable style which he has put to good use here. The film […]

We can understand that it is not possible for all filmmakers to shoot in Mumbai. It is an expense that everyone cannot afford. But, then, why try to pass of some other city as Mumbai? This is exactly what Tu Bold Mee Cold does. The film has a character Ravi who goes for work to […]

If there is one show which is redefining entertainment on Marathi television, it has to be Chala Hawa Yeu Dya. The show hosted by Nilesh Sable has become wildly popular. Marathi audience always had a thing for comedy. Their biggest superstar Dada Kondke thrived on the Marathi audience’s thirst for some rib-tickling comedy. Chala Hawa […]

Acting is said to be one of the most difficult skill to master. In acting, like dancing, you yourself become the art. Your whole body is used to say something. Someone should tell this to the actors in Tu Bold Mee Cold. All of them are either amateurish or plain irritating. The actor Siddharth Shah […]

Marathi cinema is obsessed with the two cities of Mumbai and Nagpur. Nearly every film that releases is based in either of the two cities. So it is a pleasant surprise to see a film based in Nagpur. Nagpur Adhiveshan – Ek Sahal is a true-blue Nagpur film. It is shot on location at various […]

Marathi cinema has always been a socially aware medium. Most Marathi films look to tackle a socially relevant issue. An upcoming Marathi film Kshitij is no different. It is based on the troubles many poor toddlers face all over the country. Despite having a strong inclination to study, these unfortunate children are forced to remain […]

A film about the farmers who toil hard to feed themselves in the scorching sun and the bravehearts who are risking their lives for the security of the nation on its borders is ready for release. Titled Veeda – Ek Sangharsh, it mainly tries to put into focus the vicious circle that a farmer finds […]

Raju Hirani – the man with the golden touch. The man who can do no wrong, who knows the pulse of the audience has loved ventilator. He has highly recommended it. If you have read our review you would be knowing that we have mentioned that the film reminds you of Raju Hirani’s cinema. Ventilator […]

The upcoming Priya Bapat and Saie Tamhankar starrer Vazandar seems to be touching people’s life even before it has released! The film is an endearing journey of two young and beautiful girls – Kaveri and Pooja who are on a mission to lose weight and get down to the much-hyped ‘Size Zero’ (à la Kareena Kapoor). What […]

We have heard of debutantes leaving no stones unturned to make an impression. But not before have heard of a lead actor turning into a clapper. Yes, that is exactly what happened on the sets of Vazandar. Chirag Patil who starred in the hit serial ‘Ek Number’ is all set to debut in the film […]