Tu Bold Me Cold Marathi Movie Trailer

A romantic Marathi film Tu Bold Me Cold is slated to release this Friday.

Here’s the official synopsis:

”Love depends on response’ is what the film is all about and even in reality, we would all identify with and associate ourselves with this particular statement, at some level or the other. One might fall in love but then, if it is not reciprocated, then what would you do?

TU BOLD MEE COLD is an extremely lively and youthful romantic extravaganza. The five major characters in the film comprising Ravi (played by newfind Anup Belwalkar), Tina (played by Seva More), Manoj (played by Siddharth Shah), Bhawna (played by newfind Shilpa Pathak) and Manisha (played by newfind Pooja Bhatjire) are all modern characters in a completely modern film but completely different from each other. The way these characters interact with each other in the film, is something completely refreshing to watch!


Here’s the trailer:

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