Kapoor and Sons

Kapoor and Sons

Hindi Film     Drama,     18 Mar 2016

A comedy family drama story revolving around a non-coordinated family of two brothers, their grandfather and  parents.

Amarjeet (Rishi Kapoor) the grandfather suffers a heart attack.The two brothers Arjun (Sidharth Kapoor)and Rahul (Fawad Khan) returns home to Conoor to meet their grandfather. Rahul the more mature  is a writer, where as Arjun who is a bar attender makes his ends meet, and he is a struggling writer trying to get his book published.

Their parents Harsh( Rajat Kapoor )and Sunita (Ratna Pathak Shah) like Rahul as he is more successful then Arjun. As their parents have a troubled marriage the two brothers try to get along with each other. Sunita is discouraged by Harsh to open a catering business. He has extramarital affair in the past which is the main problem in their marriage. Amarjeet wishes that  a photograph of the whole family should be taken called  "Kapoor and sons since 1921".

At a party Arjun meets Tia Malik (Alia Bhatt)and falls in love with her. Rahul meet Tia  the next day as he comes to buy a house in Conoor. They go out for dinner, where Rahul is shocked at Tia spontaneously kissing him.Tia realises her mistake and tells her friend that she loves Arjun and not Rahul.

The Kapoor family throw a party for the grandfather's birthday where Arjun comes to know that Tia and Rahul know each other and there is something between them. Rahul clears that he is already committed to someone in London. Problem arises when Harsh invites his ex-girlfriend and an argument between Sunita and Harsh takes place ending the party with a sour note. Harsh apologies on his loss in the business.

The Kapoor family tries to fulfil Amarjeet's wish of taking a family photo. There are misunderstanding in the family. Harsh was lying about his affair. Sunita discovers Rahul's relationship with a man. Tia admits to Arjun that it was a mistake to be with Rahul as she loved him.The truth of Rahul receiving Arjun's written story was through his mother Sunita who thought that Arjun was not interested in getting it published. Rahul expires in a car accident. Due to all this unpleasantness the two brothers return to London and New Jersey.

Amarjeet sends a video message to the two brothers asking them to come back home as he is feeling lonely. Sunita comes in terms with Rahul's homosexuality.Tia and Arjun clear up their differences and finally  the family click the  photograph together with a  cutout picture of Harsh in it .