The Ghazi Attack

Hindi Film     Action,     17 Feb 2017

The Ghazi Attack is a war film, and the story is inspired by true events of a courageous naval officer and his team.
 The Indian navy submarine is under the command of captain Ranvijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon) for observation who is an aggressive soldier and who believes in attacking in the enemy rather than defending the territory. The Indian Navy also assigns Lieutenant Commander Arjun Verma (Rana Daggubati) so that Singh cannot fire at the enemy because by doing so could it would mean that India has declared War on Pakistan.  PNZ Ghazi is an advanced submarine dispatched by Pakistan to sink INS Vikrant. After many days of routine observation they suddenly get a signal from a sunk ship blasted by Ghazi. Arjun goes to save the  survivors (Taapsee Pannu).
 The second in command Devraj (Atul Kulkarni) always tries to make peace between both the commanders. S21 begins to trace and follow its enemy's path. 
 The crew realises at the last moment that they are headed towards a mine which explodes damaging the batteries and circuits and compartment number 1.
 Some of the crew are dead captain Singh dies trying to save Arjun and Devraj who is severely injured. The enemy is not able  detect the ship as it has sunk very low.The crew members try to salvage the situation with Arjun  who is in charge of the mission. The captain leads them to victory and saves the remaining crew.

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Indian Film History average overall rating of The Ghazi Attack – 3.15/5

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Mumbai Mirror 3 5 Kunal Guha Click Here
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Glamsham 3.5 5
Vishal Verma
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Indian Express 1.5 5 Shalini Langer Click Here
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Deccan Chronicle 2.5 5 Rohit Bhatnagar Click Here
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