Hindi Film     ,     02 Dec 2016

Aasra Movie Review |Sadanand Shetty, Atul Kulkarni, Sunil Pal,Rahul Pathak & Omkardas M


Star Cast:· Atul Kulkarni, Kishori Ballal, Sunil Pal, Sadanand Shetty and Ashok Samartha
Director: Raj Sagar
Producer: Sadanand Shetty
Story & Screenplay: Raj Sagar
Music: Abdhesh Goswani
Cinematography: Krishna Soren
Editor: B. Mahenteshwar
Art Director: Ujwala

Rating: 1.5/5 – Thumbs Down!

Like: The film is based on a true story on a very relevant subject.

Dislike: Despite being based on a true story, the film lacks believability. It does not hook you in any way. Aasra is also overlong with not a single performance that lights up the screen.


The Review:

Story: Aasra is about positive intentions and clear focus of a man, who proved that any goal could be achieved with true determination. This film is based on a real story of a social activist, Mr. Sadanand Krishna Shetty. This man has a dream to provide a house with basic facilities to the weakest segment of the society, the Slum Dwellers. He struggled for years and fought against the greedy segment of society with the moral support of his Mother, who always taught him to help people instead of praying for them. However, Shetty knew that providing a decent roof over the head doesn’t guarantee a decent living. He is determined to wipe out their unhygienic, unorganized chaotic lifestyle.

What could be the remedy? How could he do it? The film deals with fighting against the greedy segment for the slum dwellers along with tackling civic and sanitation issues.
All said and done, with bit of humor.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay: Though it is commendable that Raj Sagar has chosen to write about a rather relevant subject, he should have taken more efforts to flesh an engaging plot out of the storyline. There simply aren’t any engaging characters neither are there any interesting scenes in the film. The film just ambles along without making any effort at capturing your attention. Everything just happens very smoothly.
    • Direction: The direction of the film isn’t any better than the weak script. The staging of the scenes is amateurish. Raj Sagar fails to create any tension or suspense with his direction.
    • Cinematography: The camerawork is rudimentary.
    • Editing: The pacing of the film is a major issue. Aasra moves at a snail’s pace in the first half and the second half isn’t any better.
    • Music and Lyrics: There are no songs in the film, so music does not play any role.
    • Star Performances:  Sadanand Shetty in the lead role is very awkward. And it doesn’t help that he gets the maximum screen time. It is apparent that he is an amateur. Despite having stalwarts like Atul Kulkarni, Aasra fails to make any use of his presence. Sunil Pal’s humour turn also falls flat.

Final Verdict:  Aasra fails to make use of a relevant subject by having a rather insipid screenplay and poor direction.