Beiimaan Love

Hindi Film     Thriller,     14 Oct 2016

Beiimaan Love Movie Review | Sunny Leone, Rajneesh Duggal



Sunny Leone 
Daniel Weber
Rajneesh Duggal 
Ziesha Nancy

Director: Rajeev Chaudhari
Writer: Rajeev Chaudhari
Producer: Roshni Chaudhary, Rajeev Chaudhari
Music: Asad Khan, Manj Music, Raghav Sachchar
Editing: Sadique Iqbal, Samar Singh

Likes: Few random Sunny Leone music videos.

Dislikes: Everything in between random Sunny Leone music videos.

Rating: 1/5. Thumbs Down

The Review:

Synopsis: “Beiimaan Love’ is a the story of a strong independent girl who knows how to take revenge for betrayal in love. The story revolves around Sunny Leone who falls deeply in love with Rajneesh Duggal only to find out that she has been betrayed. She carves out a way to get back at Duggal by turning into a business tycoon and eventually does avenge by harming him financially, but now what’s to be seen is, will she succeed in harming him mentally? or fall for in love with Duggal again is what we have to watch out for.

Technical Aspects

    • Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: The movie starts of with a random Sunny Leone music video which has no relation with the movie or her character and the movie ends with another random item number. In between there are some romantic tracks which keep coming up whenever Sunny gets cosy on the bed. The plot is waferthin and the characters are cliche. The predictable premise itself is the biggest flaw of the movie. Let alone the run-of-the-mill dialogues and tacky screenplay.
    • Direction: Rajeev Chaudhari looks totally confused. He does not know when and where to place a song because he clearly wants to bank on Sunny’s oomph factor rather than the storyline. Hence, there are random item numbers and romantic songs cropping up unnecessarily. Not to forget, he also gets Sunny’s real life hubby Daniel Webber to play Sunny’s pivotal support in the movie (Why especially webber?). The direction is weak and the treatment is outdated.
    • Cinematography: Nothing much to talk about.
    • Music and Lyrics: The only plus in this movie are handful songs, but they are literally thrown inside the movie so that people can enjoy Sunny’s lightning thumka’s; however, there is not a single hit track – Hug Me was an attempt at recreating Baby Doll but it doesn’t reach at that level though.
    •  Star Performances:  Sunny Leone’s acting is not something one looks out for but she excels in the dance numbers and that is the only bit of entertainment you get. The lesser we talk about Rajneesh Duggal and the supporting cast’s act the better. There is unintentional humour in Avtar Gill’s cameo, that’s one thing which will make you chuckle.

Verdict :- Even the Sunny fans will be disappointed with this one. There is a random Sunny Leon song at the start and one at the end, in between is sandwiched a predictable storyline which does Beimaani with the audience. Oops it’s Beiimaani, forgot the important ‘i’, is it to do something with numerology or simply someone with truly bad hinglish skills.