Ek Tera Saath

Hindi Film     Supernatural Thriller,     21 Oct 2016

1:13:7 Ek Tera Saath Movie Review – A spooky attempt | 2016 | Ssharad Malhotra


Ssharad Malhotra as Kunwar Aditya Pratap Singh (Adi)
Hritu Dudani as Kasturi / Nikita Chaudhary
Melanie Nazareth as Sonali
Deepraj Rana as Inspector Suryakant Singh
Vishwajit Pradhan as Aditya’s Uncle

Producer: Eyefaa Studio, Pradeep K Sharma & V Nazareth
Director: Arshad Siddiqui
Writer: Arshad Siddiqui
Dialogue: Bobby Khan, AM Turaz
Editor: Samar Singh, Rajendra Ghadi
Music: Sunil Singh, Liyakat Ajmeri and Ali Piku
Lyrics: A M Turaz, Dr. Devendra Kafir, Husna Khan, Ahmed Siddiqui

Likes: The title song is hummable. The story has few twists in the second half.

Dislikes: The first half is too slow, there are twists in the second half but they are rather convenient.

Rating: 2.5/5 – A strictly average affair.

The Review:

Synopsis: Haunting Stories are a myth or truth..

While the heritage palaces of Rajputana are being converted into hotels, Kunwar Aditya Pratap Singh, the prince of Jodhpur does not want to transform Darbar Palace. But Aditya’s Uncle wants the heritage palace to be converted into a hotel and keeps on pestering his wife to convince Aditya since she has groomed him like her own son. In the era of democracy, kings don’t rule anymore but Aditya still acts as the Prince and keeps on interacting with the souls of his forefathers in the palace. He also interacts with his wife Kasturi who died in a fatal accident an year ago, now her soul resides inside the palace. As a result, everytime someone enters the palace, he either dies or runs off to save his life. Due to these paranormal activities Darbar Palace gets christened into Horror Palace. To solve this murder mystery Inspector Suryakant persuades Aditya to take him to the Palace and he too chickens off after he feels that’s the palace is indeed haunted. One fine day Aditya’s college friend Sonali (who has a soft corner for him) calls up and she too lands herself into the horror palace. Just like others the ghost of Kasturi starts haunting her. On deciding to leave the palace, she asks Aditya to come along as she loves him but he reveals that he cannot as after 10 days on Amavasya, he is having a havan for his forefathers and Kasturi, where exactly at 1 hour : 13 mins : 07 secs all of the ‘souls’ will get ‘mukti’.

In a span of another ten days, Aditya calls Sonali and tells her that Kasturi has left him and gone forever. Sonali gets a ray of hope and asks Aditya to come to Delhi and be with her. When it looked like Aditya’s life is changing for good, he finds Nikita, who is a lookalike to Kasturi.

Who is Nikita? Is she a lookalike, or is that re-birth? Re-birth in an year and that also as a 23-24 year old girl. Is that possible? What follows is a twist in the tale and unveiling of the truth.

Technical Aspects

  • Story: The horror-thriller-love story starts off with routine haunted palace act where there are spirits that haunt anyone and everyone who enters the palace. The first half of the story is extremely slow but there are some twists to look out in the second half. However, the story has a lot of loop holes to plug in.
  • Script / Dialogues: Script is half-baked and the dialogues are strictly average.
  • Screenplay: Amateurish.
  • Direction: Writer-Director Arshad Siddiqui has directed a half baked script, hence the movie is good in patches. After a slow, routine horror angle the director comes up with a slightly better second half which has much more to offer. But the twists come in as a shocker, not a good one though. We don’t want to have spoilers, you can experience those yourself. All we can say is that they are rather convenient and are a bit hard to digest.
  • Editing: Editing is shabby and the first half needs a good trim.
  • Music and Lyrics: The title song is hummable. Other tracks barring Pakeeza Pakeeza don’t have much to offer.
  • Star Performances: Ssharad Malhotra, has the potential to perform better than what he comes up with. The character sketch of Kunwar Aditya Pratap has been carved in such a way that he looks uncomfortable in parts. Hritu Dudani is fair and Melanie Nazareth lends adequate support. Deepraj Rana does an okay job but keeps wandering around the movie. Vishwajit Pradhan is good. The remaining cast performs below average.

Final Verdict: 1:13:7 – Ek Tera Saath could have been a better watch if the treatment given to the subject would have been better and twists were justified properly. Hence, it turns out to be a spooky attempt!