Force 2

Hindi Film     Action,     18 Nov 2016

Force 2 Movie Review | John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha | Abhinay Deo


Star Cast:· John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Director: Abhinay Deo
Producer: Vipul Shah
Story & Screenplay: Parveez Shaikh, Jasmeet K. Reen
Music: Prasad Sashle
Cinematography: Imre Juhasz, Mohana Krishna
Editor: Sanjay Sharma, Amitabh Shukla

Rating: 3/5 – Worth a watch!

Like: The film is quite fast paced. The action sequences are stylishly choreographed and hold your interest. Quite a few action scenes are POV shots and that is refreshing. John is mighty impressive in the action scenes.

Dislike: The story as a whole is predictable. Sonakshi Sinha gives a rather half hearted performance.


The Review:

Story: Inspector Yash (John Abraham) has been sent a courier by his RAW agent friend that has clues to the death of three RAW agents in China. A Mumbai Police inspector is assigned on the mission in which Agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha) is their boss. It takes them to Budapest where they are up against a mastermind Shiv Sharma who runs an international syndicate.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: The story of Force 2 is quite predictable. It is a rather cliched ‘police force against a mastermind ready to betray his nation’ story. But to its credit, the screenplay holds our interest despite none of the characters being any memorable.
    • Direction: The focus of the director here is clearly on the action scenes and that is understandable. The stunningly choreographed action set pieces are the highlight of the film. But this has caused the drama in the film to be poorly staged. A better balance between the two would have raised the film from becoming just another high-octane thriller.However, the director does experiment with a computer game like point-of-view camera angle in the last action scene and that deserves a special kudos.
    • Cinematography: The gorgeous camerawork captures the most beautiful parts of Budapest spectacularly. Few action scenes are shot in a manner that makes your jaw-drop.
    • Editing: The editor has played a rather crucial role in the film. He kept the pace brisk and that has gone a long way in making Force 2 an engaging film.
    • Music and Lyrics: The music of the film is passable. There is not a track that actually stands out.
    • Star Performances: John Abraham has given his all in the action scenes. They are intense and high on adrenalin. But John is upto the task in all of them. There is a marked improvement in his dialogue delivery as well. And needless to mention, his physique will certainly make women drool. Tahir Raj Bhasin who had impressed in Mardaani has a similar role here. He also gives a suitably nasty performance as the mastermind with an ulterior motive.Sonakshi Sinha, however, is a disappointment. Her character is rather poorly written and she, too, gives a half-hearted performance.

Final Verdict:  Force 2 will satiate the thirst of audiences looking for breathtaking action scenes. The pacing is brisk and the film holds your interest. Only if the drama was better staged, Force 2 would have risen a couple of steps to become more than just a high-octane thriller.