Hindi Film     Drama,     14 Oct 2016

Fuddu (Hindi Film) 2016| Movie Review | Shubham – Fuddu is as good as it’s name.



Shubham as Mohan Mishra
Vicky Ahuja as Shyam Mishra
Pradeep Gupta as Boss
Trushant Ingle as Bala
Swati Kapoor as Shalini
Dilip Merala as Pakya
Pawan Kumar Sharma as Vijay
Sarika Singh as Radha
Uday Tikekar as Bhawani

Producer: Pradeep Gupta
Director: Sunil Subramani
Writers: Pawan Kumar Sharma
Dialogue: Pawan Kumar Sharma
Screenplay: Pawan Kumar Sharma

Likes: An honest performance by debutant Shubham.

Dislikes: The director takes too much time to come to a point in a narrow plot. Hence, his sincere efforts go in vain.

Rating: 2/5

The Review:

Synopsis: Fuddu is the story of a simpleton Mohan who arrives to Mumbai from Banaras with aspirations to make it big the city. However, he learns the hard way that, all that shines is not gold. He gets lost in the quest to fulfill his dreams, but his life turns haywire when his wife leaves him for untrue reasons. Will Mohan be able to prove that all the allegations against him are false or will he end up being a ‘fuddu’, forms the premise of the story

Technical Aspects

  • Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: The story of a simpleton coming and dealing in a big city is not something we have not heard off. But what’s interesting here is his tryst to live a simple married life in a crowded city where there are as much as 7 people living in one room. The dialogues are double meaning at many places but that’s the nature of the movie. The screenplay could have been much better.
  • Direction: The director has tried to make a sincere attempt with Fuddu, but that’s just not enough. He tackles a simple subject without much of hulla-hoo and melodrama but he takes too much time to prove the point. Although, the director’s take would be that he needed the time to establish the angst of Mohan, still a good amount of editing and trimming will be beneficial to the movie.    
  • Editing: There are a few loop holes in the editing and the movie needs a good trim.
  • Music and Lyrics: Barring the forced Sunny-Sharman cameo in Tu Zaroorat Nahi Tu Zaroori Hai during the end credits, none of the other songs are worth mentioning.
  • Star Performances: Shubham, the debutant makes an honest effort in carrying the movie on his young shoulders but he is restricted by the plot. Swati Kapoor has nothing much to perform in her debut except for a few scenes in the second half. Vicky Ahuja as Mohan’s brother Shyam is quite likable.  From the supporting cast Mohan’s friend Sam and his eldest brother do an okay job.

Final Verdict: Fuddu is as good as it’s name is. It’s not one of those films that you would buy a ticket for. You can enjoy it when it premiere’s on TV.