Kahaani 2

Hindi Film     Thriller,     02 Dec 2016

Kahaani 2 Movie Review | Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal | Sujoy Ghosh


Star Cast: Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal, Jugal Hansraj, Naisha Singh, Tota Roychoudhary, Amba Sanyal

Director: Sujoy Ghosh
Story & Screenplay: Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair, Ritesh Shah
: Clinton Cerejo
Cinematography: Tapan Basu
Editor: Namrata Rao

Rating: 3/5 – Thumbs up!

Like: Vidya Balan is topnotch in her performance of a harrowed mother who struggles to go through the daily grind, along with her handicapped teenage daughter. The captivating story keeps you guessing right throughout the film.

Dislike: The film’s pace slackens a bit in the second half. The story is not devoid of flaws.

The Review:

Story: Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan) is obsessed with making her handicapped teenage daughter walk again. But there is a lot more than what meets the eye. A police officer investigating the case gets suspicious about Vidya’s past. Is Vidya an impersonator of the deadly criminal Durga Rani Singh who is wanted for kidnapping and murder?

Technical Aspects

Screenplay/Dialogues: Kahaani 2’s script is not as smart as the first film. The film has flaws, but mentioning them here would be giving away spoilers. But, still the story keeps you hooked as you cannot second guess the suspense. The characterizations are solid with Vidya’s harrowed mother being the best. You root for her character despite having a hunch that she might have a dark past. Arjun Rampal’s police officer investigating the case also leaves you impressed. It is one of the rare instances of a cop being painted as a real character.

Direction: Ghosh is again successful in creating an atmospheric film. The frames are dark with expressive use of shadows. His pacing in the first half keeps you on the edge. He is able to extract believable performances from all his cast and even actors like Arjun Rampal who is usually ridiculed for being wooden gives a fine performance. Only if he had kept things in the beginning of the second half tight, Kahaani 2 would have got closed to reaching the level of its predecessor.

Cinematography: Tapan Basu’s camerawork is instrumental in setting the mood in the film. The frames are dark in the beginning as a cloud of mystery surrounds the film. But as the mysteries are slowly revealed the frames become brighter.

Music and Lyrics: Though the album is full of fine tracks, some of the songs like Mehram don’t add to the narrative. Aur Main Khoosh Hoon works well. The background score, for a change, suits the film.

Star Performances: Much like the first film, this time too Vidya Balan’s performance is the heart and soul of the film. Vidya is devoid of all make up and gloss and looks the part. She is absolutely convincing in her performance of a Mother willing to go to any limits just to protect her beloved daughter. Such a performance was expected from Vidya and she lives up to her reputation.

But Arjun Rampal in the role of a cop pleasantly surprises you with his performance. He actually expresses with his face and believably portrays the cop. Kharaj Mukherjee who was the cop in Kahaani as well, again leaves an impact with his small but important act.

Final Verdict: Solidly backed by strong performances by Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal, Kahaani 2 is a captivating watch for the most part. Except for a pitfall in the second half and other minor flaws, Kahaani 2 is worth a watch.