Love Day Pyaar ka din

Hindi Film     Comedy Drama,     21 Oct 2016

Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din | Movie Review | An unbearable adventure



Ajaz Khan as Monty

Sahil Anand as Sandy

Harsh Nagar as Harry

Anant Mahadevan as Dr. Sheikh

Vaibhav Mathur as Prabhu

Shalu Singh as Saheba


Director: Harish Kotian, Sandeep Choudhary

Producer: Baldev Singh Bedi

Like: Funky music and bearable visuals

Dislike: Infantile attempts at humor

Rating: 1/5


The Review:

Story: Friendship without love is incomplete and vice versa. Set up in a small town, the movie revolves around the story of three friends, Monty (Ajaz Khan), Harry (Harsh Nagar) and Sandy (Sahil Anand). What’s friendship without pros and cons – and the film showcases how Monty – known for his antics – introduces his other two friends to all the exciting but wrong things, right from childhood; often having them land in jeopardizing situations. This relationship between the friends, however, doesn’t go down well their families, forcing them to disconnect the three and shift to Mumbai. Finally Monty disappears for 5 years, whereas Sandy and Harry go on to become major losers in life. Sandy falls in love with an aspiring actress Saheba (played by Shaloo Singh), while Harry is an unwaged husband.

Tired of unemployment, Sandy and Harry wish to make a film on their life, but don’t have the monies to make one. In comes Monty with another plan, this time to make crores and finance the film. And, thus, begins the road trip to Himachal.

  • Performances: Ajaz Khan supposedly plays the character of a sweet rogue but indulges in extremely irritating hysterical method of acting. Given the title of the film, which has a double entendre, the humor was expected to be below-the-belt, but gets obnoxiously bad. It looks like the actor was still loitering around in the Bigg Boss House. Sahil Anand does a decent job and Harsh Nagar draws in a few titters. Shaloo Singh sleepwalks and smiles throughout her act besides existing only as a beautiful face.
  • Music: The music directors Sumesh Himanshu, Raina Sawan, Sagar Sarkar and Vishnu Narayan do a reasonable job at churning out peppy music. Songs sung by Mika, Shaan, Mohit Chauhan, Anis Sharma, Bhumi Trivedi and Shreya Shaleen are hummable.

Verdict: A worn-out storyline makes Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din an unbearable venture for 2 hours.