Moh Maya Money

Hindi Film     Crime,     11 Nov 2016

Moh Maya Money Movie Review


Star Cast: Ranveer shorey, Neha Dhupia, Vidushi Mishra

Director: Munish Bharadwaj
Story & Screenplay: Munish Bharadwaj, Manasi Nirmal Jain
Music: Tuomas Kantelinen
Cinematography: Arun Verma
Editor: Hitesh Kumar

Rating: 2.5/5 – Thumbs down!

Like: If there is an actor who is making a career out of playing Delhi characters, it has to be Ranveer Shorey. He manages to portray these seemingly similar characters but very different shade with such precision that it is a joy to just watch him perform on the screen.

The plot is engaging and the twists in the tale keep you engaged. The film gives a rather timely message.

Dislike: The film is not always effective in putting across its message. It leaves a little too many loose ends.

The Review:

Story: Aman (Ranvir Shorey) is a real estate agent with an impatient ambition to make it big. A smooth-talker he does all kinds of deals in black and white. Though he is witness to a lot money exhanging hands, being a middle man he gets a very small share of the pie. He longs for a bigger piece and is willing to go to any lengths for it. He schemes a wicked plan which his news producer wife discourages him from doing. He goes ahead with it without her knowledge. But he gets caught in a murky situation which he confesses to his wife. Despite her unwillingness Divya plays along Aman and the situation becomes even worse.

Technical Aspects

Screenplay/Dialogues: The plot is nasty enough to keep us engaged. Aman is a rather well written character. There are gray shades to him and he is not painted just black. A product of his environment where even a scam gets a pat on the back, Aman is a crook. But there is a human side to him which we are given a glimpse of when things get really bad for him. That helps us to empathise with him.
Even Divya's character is interesting. Though she might hang around in a world devoid of the murkiness of Aman's she herself has some dark secrets. The plot also has twists to keep us hooked right till the end of the film.

Direction: The staging of the scenes is where the film takes a bit of a hit. Munish Bharadwaj stages his scenes in a cliched manner. He accurately portrays a part of Delhi and even extracts rather fine performances from Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia. But the film starts getting a little repetitive towards. Also, Bharadwaj doesn't tie up the loose ends and that hurts the film.

Cinematography: The camerawork is rudimentary. A more expressive camerawork would have raised the standard of the film by a couple of notches.

Music and Lyrics: Music hardly plays in any role in the film.

Editing: The non-linear storytelling has been finely brought to shape at the editing table. But the film could have been more taut.

Star Performances: Ranvir Shorey puts in another fine performance as a nasty Delhite who is a product of circumstances. He has played such Delhi characters before and it is a marvel how he manages to play them with a different shade every single time. He just lives the character and it is a pleasure to just see him enact Aman on screen. Even Neha Dhupia is up to the task of playing Aman's dark and twisted wife. The casting of the two actors in their respective chaacters is just spot on. However, the rest of the cast is not up to the mark.

Final Verdict: Moh Maya Money is a film with a timely message and an engaging plot. Ranvir Shorey is mighty impressive in the lead role of Aman and his performance is the biggest plus of the film. Only if the film hadn't kept so many loose ends, it would have been a much better watch.