Motu Patlu King of Kings (3D)

Hindi Film     3D computeranimated adventure comedy,     14 Oct 2016

Motu Patlu — King Of Kings | Movie Review | A definite watch for children



 Vinay Shukla (Voice) for Guddu

Sourav Chakraborty (Voice) for Motu, Patlu, Dr. Jhatka, Chingam, Ghaseta


Director: Suhas D Kadav

Producer: Ketan Mehta

Lyrics: Gulzar

Music: Vishal Bhardwaj


Like: A cute, marshmallow treatment

Dislike: Jerry-built animation and dubbing

Rating: 3/5



Motu and Patlu are awesome twosome inhabiting a fictional land ‘Furfuri Nagariya’ – a small town in the heart of India. They become friends with a circus lion, Guddu and take up the gauntlet to save the kingdom from a greedy poacher attempting to wreck the jungle life.

The Review:

Our favorite cartoon characters airing on Nickelodeon adapted from the classic comic strip ‘Lot Pot’. Motu and Patlu are intimate buddies cherishing their friendship through thick and thin. Dr Jhatka is an inventor and Ghasita Ram belongs to West Bengal.

In the northern side, Motu-Patlu are no aliens. A household name in Indian heartland owing to the widespread readership of Lot Pot comics, Motu Patlu has a dedicated fan base. In this animated adventure, Motu Patlu befriend Guddu Ghalib, a vegan lion frustrated by his life in circus. Guddu escapes and lands in Furfuri Nagariya, the home of Motu-Patlu. At first, the duo are apprehensive of lion thinking he is a fierce carnivore, however, later they discover his soft-heartedness. They even decide to drop him in the jungle before realizing about the dangerous poacher Narsimha trying to damage the jungle with an eye on looting the gold. Narsimha also intends to kill Simha but Motu-Patlu have other plans. How Motu-Patlu save wildlife by fighting for animal rights forms the essence of the film. It sheds light on the timely issue of humans wrecking havoc on the environment by destroying the flora and fauna for their selfish gains.

Technical Aspects:

In terms of animation, Motu Patlu does not come remotely close to Hollywood films but deserves all the praise. The 3D and animation are still a mark above what has been tried before in the genre of children’s film. The affectionate story-line and spirited treatment makes it an endearing watch. Although there isn’t much scope for music, the inputs of renowned names like Gulzar (lyrics) and Vishal Bhardwaj (music) is worth mentioning. The editing could have been a lot crisper and crunchier for a children’s film. The dubbing and voice-overs department have been well handled along with the screenplay touching on environmental aspects. Despite all the shortcomings, Motu Patlu makes for a definite viewing for it has its heart in the right place.

Verdict: A definite watch for the kids along with the adults who have not yet lost the child inside them. Aakhir kar Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Jee.