Rock On 2

Hindi Film     Drama,     11 Nov 2016

Rock On 2 Movie Review | Farhan Akhtar


Star Cast:· Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai, Shashank Arora

Director: Shaujat Saudaagar
Producer: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Story & Screenplay: Abhishek Kapoor, Pubali Chaudhari
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Cinematography: Marc Koninckx
Editor: Anand Subaya 
Art Director: Dhara Jain, Shashank Tere

Rating: 3/5 – Worth a watch!

Like: The performances by  Farhan, Arjun and Purab are the highlight of the film. Shraddha Kapoor is also a welcome addition to the cast. Unlike other sequels the story here is not just a rehash of the first film.

Dislike: The screenplay though not a rehash of the first film is anyway a let down. The music is even a bigger let down. There is also quite a bit of spoon feeding by the continuous voice over. Not to mention the manipulation of your feelings by the voice over.


The Review:

Story: Unable to handle a freak incident, Aditya (Farhan Akhtar) seeks refuge in the hills of Meghalaya and gets involved in a humanitarian cause. The other two band members – KD (Purab Kohli) and Joe (Arjun Rampal) – are back in Mumbai itself. Joe has now become a popular and wealthy fellow by judging reality shows. But he craves creative satisfaction. KD still hopes to get the band together.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: The screenplay is a let down. With a weak conflict the film doesn’t hold your attention. It is even contrived and ambles along with no special direction. The film as a result is all over the place.
    • Direction: The director is clearly handicapped by the weak script. But even then he could have kept the highly manipulative voice over in check. The voice over is also guilt of spoon-feeding. He does manage to extract fine performances from the cast, though. 
    • Cinematography: Marc Koninckx’s gorgeous camerawork is the highest point of the film. He makes Meghalaya look like a paradise.
    • Editing: The pacing is certainly a bit hit in the second half which the editor could have worked on.
    • Music and Lyrics: The biggest letdown of the film is its music. None of the songs stay with you. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy can’t replicate their success with the first film of the series.
    • Star Performances: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli share a good chemistry like they did in the first film. The beautiful Shraddha Kapoor also does well in a character introduced in the film. Shashank Arora who is impressed one and all with Titli is totally wasted here.

Final Verdict:  The chemistry between the three main actors Farhan, Arjun and Purab is worthy of a watch. Though the screenplay could have been better, it makes us look forward to a third installment in the series.