Hindi Film     Romantic/Horror,     11 Nov 2016

Saansein Movie Review: A horror film that you laugh at


Star Cast: Sonarika Bhadoria, Rajniesh Duggall, Hiten Tejwani, Neetha Shetty

Director: Rajiv S. Ruia
Producer: Goutam Kumar Jain, Vivek Agarwal
Story & Screenplay: Ram Patil, Shiraz Ahmed
Music: Vivek Kar
Cinematography: Arun Verma
Editor: Shri Narayan Singh

Rating: 2/5 – Thumbs down!

Like: The film has a few scares that really spook you. The running time has been kept short.

Dislike: Saansein is as typical as an Indian horror film can get. The plot is ridiculous, acting weak and direction laughably bad.

The Review:

Story: Shirin Sonarika Bhadoria is a singer at one of the best clubs in Mauritius. Her beauty invariably gets a lot of visitors interested in her. However Shirin never meets anyone and rather mysteriously disappears every night as soon as her performance is over. Even being close to her is horrifying.

That's when the hero Abhay Rajneesh Duggal enters the story. Having come to Mauritius for business purposes, he happens to land up at the same club and falls for Shirin right away. Shirin ignores Abhay, but he refuses to give up. He makes up his mind to find what is actually keeping her away. And that's when he stumbles upon a secret that Shirin has.

Abhay is not deterred. He swears to find a way for them to be together come what may.

What follows is a harrowing tale that nightmares are made of. What is the secret that Shirin is hiding? And does Abhay manage to bring in peace? Or does he succumb to the fears that knows no boundaries?

Technical Aspects

Screenplay/Dialogues: What is common with all the horror Hindi films that have been released in the recent past? Ghosts and sleaze and add some done to death cheap thrills. Saansein has it all. It has a rather laughable plot. The horny ghost being one. Not to mention that we have already had such a ghost in Tabu's Hawa which was a rip off of Entity. The dialogues are awful, many times providing for some unintentional humour. The characterisation is as bad as it can get. You don't care for Shirin to get scared for her in the first place. The writer could not have done worse than this effort.

Direction: The director adds his bit to the unintentional comedy. If the ridiculous plot was not enough, the director brings cheap thrills into the mix. People die in the film and the director does not even try to explain their deaths. It is simply unbelievable. He fails to extract even one convincing performance from his cast.

Cinematography: The camerawork is typical of what you can expect from a horror film. Dark frames and jerky camera. Very ordinary stuff.

Music and Lyrics: Music hardly plays in any role in the film.

Star Performances: The wooden performance of Sonarika Bhadoria makes caring for her character nearly impossible. Rajniesh Duggal is also rather poor in his role as the knight in shining armour willing to risk his life to save Shirin. Other actors also don't do any better.

Final Verdict: Saansein is a typical kind of horror film that are common in Bollywood in the recent past. With a generous dose of ghosts and sleaze, these films are more unintentionally funny than scary. Saansein is no different.