Hindi Film     Action/Drama,     28 Oct 2016

Shivaay is a dramatic thriller film. The story revolves around a mountaineer who makes his living by providing treks and climbing expeditions to tourists. Shivaay (Ajay Devgan) as he is known to people meets Olga (Erika Kaar) and by saving her from an avalanche, they fall in love and Olga becomes pregnant.

She is not in favour of having the child as she wants to return home to Bulgaria. Shivaay request her to have the child, and promises to  look after the child, she could then leave for her country after its birth.

Eight years later, the girl child Gaura (Abigail Eames) discovers that her mother is in Bulgaria, she longs to go there and meet her. Shivaay forgetting his differences reaches Bulgaria with his daughter where he manages to save a child from a child - trafficker. Shivaay takes help of the Indian Embassy to locate Olga and he is helped by Anu (Sayesha Saigal).

The Don child -trafficker Ustinov and his right hand man Changeiz kidnaps Gaura. Shivaay chases them but gets arrested by the police. In the police van Shivaay imagines that the officer is one of the trafficker and attacks him and throw other officers out of the van. Accidentally the van falls in the dam and police thinks Shivaay is dead,  but he escapes due to his skills.

Shivaay saves a prostitute and brings her  to Anu's home. Olga who has seen Shivaay on T.V tries to meet him. With the help of CCTV footage Shivaay locates Ustinov where he discovers that Gaura is been taken away to be sold in the flesh trade.

Shivaay follows the van taking his daughter to Romania. A long chase and  fight with Changez the right hand man of Ustinov.  Captain Nikolai attacks Shivaay who gets finally  killed by him.

 Gaura meets Olga her mother who wants to look after her but Shivaay does not want to leave Gaura behind.  He is speechless in front of Olga, leaves with a heavy heart for the airport, where Gaura arrives requesting him to stay back  by holding on to his arms.

Shivaay Movie Review – One time watch only for Ajay Devgn



Ajay Devgn – Shivaay
Erika Kaar – Olga
Sayesha Saigal – Anushka / Anu
Abigail Eames – Gaura
Vir Das
Saurabh Shukla
Girish Karnad
Ali Kazmi
Jabbz Farooqi
Bijou Thaangjam

Producer: Ajay Devgn Films, PEN, NH Studioz
Director: Ajay Devgn
Story: Ajay Devgn
Writer: Sandeep Srivastava, Robin Bhatt
Editor: Dharmendra Sharma
Music: Mithoon, Jasleen Royal
Lyrics: Sandeep Shrivastava, Saeed Qadri, Aditya Sharma
Cinematography: Aseem Bajaj

Likes: It’s Ajay Devgn all the way. The camera captures the Himalayan and Bulgarian Mountains wonderfully.

Dislikes: 172 minute lenght, typical bollywood masala film where gravity and human capability doesn’t matter.

Rating: 2.5/5 – It’s watchable for Ajay Devgn’s performance.

The Review:


Shivaay is a mountaineer who hails from the Himalayas and takes tourists for trekking and once in a blue moon helps the army as well. Shivaay with his nimble foot and daredevilry is no less than a superhero. He simply cannot be defeated because he is Shivaay. Shivaay falls in love with a Bulgarian tourist Olga and within no time she realizes that she is pregnant. She was flabbergasted because she has the responsibility of her family and hence, can’t stay back to start a family. However, Shivaay convinces her to stay back for nine months and leave the child with him.

Time flows and Gaura grows up. She is a cute girl and the only reason for Shivaay to live. She is mute by birth. One fine day, Gaura finds her Mom’s letter and is hellbent to go to Bulgaria to find her.  Because Shivaay is a doting father he agrees and takes her to Bulgaria.

After they reach Bulgaria, Gaura is kidnapped by human traffickers. Now Shivaay has to take on Russian Mafia and save Gaura from the Human Trafficking. How he does that? Well, find out yourself.

P.S. There is a twist in the tale in the second half.

Technical Aspects

  • Story: Ajay Devgn’s story has all the elements required to create a blockbuster. A superhero (in the real world – pun intended) who defies gravity like Krissh and bashes the hell out of people just like Sunny Paaji’s Tara Singh act. Their ain’t a pump here though but there are mountains. Just Imagine… There is also an Indian-Bulgarian Munni right from….. take a guess. The mountains actually play the parallel lead to Ajay here and are the best aspect of the story, but aren’t used to the fullest. Well do I need to take the name of any Hollywood Movie?
  • Dialogues: There are some clap worthy dialogues but many fall flat. But be warned, totally filmy.
  • Cinematography: This gives ‘LIFE’ to Shivaay.
  • Editing: 172 minutes actual time. Ideal time 120 minutes.
  • Music and Lyrics: Bolo Har Har is the pick of the lot and other songs are hummable and lavishly pictured but the movie lacked a chartbuster.
  • Direction: To give credit to the actor-director Ajay Devgn, this is a much better effort than U, Me Aur Hum. Stunning VFX, Adrenaline pumping action and Exotic Locales. On the downside, the script has lot of loopholes, overdose of action, the 3 hour runtime and a weak antagonist. Devgn fails to create a chemistry between any of the characters. Even the father-daughter angle doesn’t touch you emotionally as compared to the Bajrangi-Munni angle. The villain of the movie doesn’t match upto Shivaay.
  • Star Performances: Ajay Devgn is brilliant as an actor. He emotes well and does some blazing stunts. Being the son of an ace-stunt director and known for his action, he makes optimal utilization of his skills. Abigail Eames turns out to be Munni 2, she is cute and emotes well. Erika Kaar is just about ordinary and looks more of a daughter to Ajay Devgn. Her attempt at Hindi is cute. Sayyesha does well while Vir Das gives you few quirky moments but hams at places. The supporting cast does an okay job but the villian is a total disappointment.

Final Verdict: Shivaay rides on the shoulders of gravity defying action superhero / super-dad Ajay Devgn. He keeps you entertained more as an actor rather than a director. A typical Bollywood entertainer scores when dialogues are greeted by claps, the light comic moments have correct timing and there are whistles when the hero bashes the hell out of the villain at the end. All these elements are not much satisfying. The movie is a one time watch only for Ajay Devgn.