Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Hindi Film     Dance,     07 Oct 2016

Tutak Tutak Tutiya Movie Review | Neither humour nor horror


Prabhudeva as Krishna Kumar

Sonu Sood as Raj Khanna

Tamannaah Bhatia as Sweety

Farah Khan as Farah

Rajiv Thakur as Sanjay


Story/Writer: A. L. Vijay

Director: Vijay

Producer: Sonu Sood

Music: Sajid – Wajid

Cinematography: Manush Nandan

Editing: Anthony


Like: Few wisecracks will leave you in splits

Dislike: Horror comedy is a great terrain to walk around but the film gets lost in skylarking buffooneries


Verdict: Wait for a pirated version, oops, I mean the movie to release on the TV


Rating: 2/5

The Review:

A South Indian man Krishna (played by Prabhudeva) wants to marry a modern Indian girl with perfect English. But circumstances have something else in stores. Krishna marries an ideal village girl called Devi (played by Tamannaah). After shifting to Mumbai, Krishna tries to scram her away until he witnesses a modern side, something he always looked for, in his dream girl. But their flat in Mumbai is haunted and Devi’s renewed make-over, is that of Ruby’s ghost. Then there is the superstar Raj Khanna (played by Sonu Sood) who loves Ruby.

Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: The subject matter will ring a bell of Priyadarshan’s ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ with mass-appealing humor but rarely has the horror element. The film is made for the South Indian audience with quintessential characters.
  • Editing: At a run-time of 126 minutes, the film is mildly amusing and unconvincingly entertaining. The editing is lustrous and zany.
  • Cinematography: There’s nothing much to offer here besides the one-off scene involving special effects. The VFX is timid and half-hearted
  • Music/Lyrics: The music of the film is tasteless and interrupting. Songs throng in out of nowhere and irritate till death. The title track and Rail Gaddi are the only respite in an otherwise insipid array of compositions.
  • Direction: Vijay’s direction is in shambles. Although the film builds up well in the first half, it nosedives in the second half and culminates with a terrible climax which is messed up. The comic scenes are mind-numbing.

Star Performances: You know you are in trouble when Prabhudeva appears in a single dance number and “acts” in the entire film. That’s pretty much the horror element of the film. However, he becomes bearable in the second half when the romance starts blooming. The chiseled body of Sonu Sood shines. On the other hand, Sonu Sood, the actor, just appears in a cameo giving countless shots of his toned physique. Tamannaah switches effortlessly between Ruby and Devi. She calmly exists on both sides of characters.

Final Verdict: Shoddy dubbing, puerile comedy and juvenile acting. ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’ is a horror-comedy film, in a way; it’s a horror for those who accumulated the gumption of sitting through the entire film and comedy for those who didn’t make it to the cinema halls. Sonu Sood’s film has neither humor nor horror – it falls in one category: “Better-to-be-missed”. Give this one a massive miss.