Marathi Film     Suspense, Thriller,     05 Aug 2016

‘1234’ Marathi Movie Review | Strictly for action lovers


If you love action and thrills, this is your cup of coffee!


  • Sanjay Narwekar
  • Bhushan Pradhan
  • Priya Marathe
  • Pradeep Patwardhan
  • Vishakha Subhedar
  • Abhijeet Chavan

Director: Milind Kawade

Producer: Shailesh Pawar, Kalpesh Patel

Lyrics: Sachin Andhare

Music: Amrit Raj

Like:  The action and suspense.

Dislike: A potpourri of confusion. Too many cooks spoil the broth, they say.

Rating: 2.5 /5

Synopsis: Four different incidences occur around the independence day. Are they connected to each other; if yes – in what way? The social drama thriller is about that and more.

Story: The film begins with a song picturised on Rahul ( Bhushan Pradhan) and his girl friend Priya ( Priya Marathe), to indicate their love affair, little before Rahul sets his journey , to report as a Junior Doctor at a Mental Hospital. Then, we notice how he is trapped after reporting there, in the company of starangers. The worried brother of Rahul ( Pradeep Patwardhan) and his sister in law ( Vishakha Subhedar) go to the police station to lodge a complaint about kidnapping of Rahul and demand of a huge sum for his release. It is almost the same time, we notice a helpless Dhanajyay( Sanjay Narvekar) pleading before the Hospital Dean( Yatin Karyekar) to save his father’s life, who is to be operated. In another incident, Super star Abhijit is worried about his wife and little child, as he receives a threat from Underworld and at the same time, there is trouble faced by film maker ( Sanjay Mone) as his production controller Aziz bhai is in love with the film’s actress ( Teja Deokar), who is actually in relationship with another person.

Technical Analysis:

  • Screenplay: Many twists and turns in screenplay which will keep the audience engrossed, but far too often they turn into a puzzle which is laborious to decode.
  • Cinematography: Excellent camerawork which keeps you engaged meticulously. An innovative technique called Eric Tilt Camera has been put to effect for the first time – and the makers deserve to be lauded for the creativity.
  • Dialogues: Cheesy and perky
  • Editing: The editing is precise but the plot makes it all more confusing.
  • Music/Lyrics: Not much scope for music, except for the first song on Bhushan and Priya. But, back ground music is appealing.
  • Director: The Director makes a very cunning use of manufacturing suspense scene by scene, plot by plot, but the weak thread of entertainment is unable to cope up with face. A minor blink of the eye and one is bound to. Having said all of that, the director made this film for action lovers. There is a social message chipped in on exploitation of the people by the administration.

Performances: The lead pair of Bhushan & Priya try their level best with 26 other characters – all of them playing significant roles.

Final Verdict: Strictly for those with appetite for action filled thrillers notwithstanding the bizarre sequences. There are too many things to catch up.