A Dot Com Mom

Marathi Film     Family Drama,     30 Sep 2016

Dot Com Mom Marathi Movie Review | Dr. Meena Nerurkar, Sai Gundewar


Star Cast : Sai Gundewar, Apurva Bhalerao, Vikram Gokhale, Dr. Meena Nerurkar, Vijay Chavan, Prashant Tapasvi, Deepti Lele, Ravindra Khare, Manasi Karandikar
Director: Dr. Meena Nerurkar
Producer : Kayan Productions, Kalabhavan
Story Dr.Meena-Nerurkar
Music : Ashok Patki, Sudhir Phadke, Pratik Shah, Neel Nadkarni
Cinematography: Hyder Bilgrami

Like: The intentions of the film are noble. The lead actor Dr. Meena Nerurkar, despite the monotony, plays her part well.

Dislike: The film is dated. A woman from India won’t be as clueless as shown in the film today. Technically the film is weak, particularly the editing. The characters are clichéd and one-dimensional.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Review:

Story: Mrs. Chaphekar is a naïve woman from rural Maharashtra. Her successful son, Sunil, invites her to the US, but she feels totally lost and out of place in the whole atmosphere there. Embarrassed of her presence and on the insistence of his wife, Sunil sends her back home to India. But circumstances force Mrs. Chaphekar to return to her son much against her wishes. But Mrs. Chaphekar decides to change herself and not be the same simpleton on the second visit.

Technical Aspects

    • Direction: Dr. Meena Nerurkar’s direction is strictly average. The amateurish direction makes the first half very strange and odd to watch. Nearly none of the things meant to make us laugh work. We find it difficult to believe that no matter how simple and naive a woman in today’s rural India is, she won’t be as clueless as Mrs. Chaphekar in the film. And the performances drawn out of the actors are mostly quite typical. The film plays like a usual TV serial, only of a bit better quality. Few scenes that show a sleazy boss harassing his secretary are so badly staged that they comes across as humourous. The second half is an improvement, but only so slightly. It is a breezier watch, but the revamp of Mrs. Chaphekar looks even stranger than her earlier simple self.
    • Screenplay/Dialogues: The unimaginative screenplay is majorly responsible for making the film a tedious watch in the first half. It feels as if the Dr. Nerurkar had written the screenplay twenty years ago; the film is that dated! The characters are all stereotypes – caring son, insensitive daughter-in-law, her brutish father and selfish mother. Also there are major logical issues with the script. Sunil is supposedly an owner of a 156 million $ company but we are not shown a staff of more than two women. Embezzlement plus a sexual harassment charge on a staff at the company doesn’t seem to change things for Sunil at all. Also, one major issue the film has is that it seems to propagate the idea that looks are more important than the person beneath them.That said the writing in the second half is a little refreshing. Despite the awkward get-up of Mrs. Chaphekar you root for her character.
    • Cinematography: The camerawork is rudimentary.
    •  Editing: There are a quite a few fade-ins and fade-outs in the film that look odd. Some of the conversations are also poorly cut. The editing as a whole is weak
    •  Music and Lyrics: The attempt to infuse English lyrics in popular old Marathi songs comes across as forced. The Ganapati song is good.
    •  Star Performances: Most of the faces in the film are new and that works for the film. Dr. Meena Nerurkar is a little over the top and monotonous in her performance in the first half. But her changed persona in the second half is brought out well by her. Dipti Lele’s performance as the good natured Chitra shines out. Vikram Gokhale has little to do.

Final Verdict: Despite being well-intentioned and honest, Dot Com Mom suffers from some poor writing and amateurish acting. The film is at least 20 years too late.