And Jara Hatke

Marathi Film     Drama,     22 Jul 2016

And Jara Hatke Marathi Movie Review |Mrinal Kulkarni, Indraneil Sengupta, Siddharth Menon, Shivani Rangole | Prakash Kunte


Star Cast :  Mrinal Kulkarni, Siddharth Menon, Shivani Rangole and Indraneil Sengupta
Director : Prakash Kunte
Producer : Krishika Lulla and Ravi Jadhav
Story & Screenplay : Mitali Joshi
Music : Aditya Bedekar
Lyrics : Mangesh Kangne, Sandip Khare
Cinematography : Vasudeo Arun Rane
Editor : Mayur Hardas
Art Director : Siddharth Tatoskar

Like: A stylish look courtesy the slick camerawork and art direction. The performances by the lead actors are convincing.

Dislike: No real substance in the film. Characters make decisions which seem contradictory to their behaviour.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Review:

Synopsis: Love can blossom at the most unexpected stage of one’s life. & Jara Hatke is a story of a middle-aged couple falling in love and how that affects the relationship with their children from a previous marriage.

Story: Meera and Aakash bump into each other after the longest time. They were friends back in their youth but their lives later took diverse paths and they lost touch. The two somehow get along very well even after so many years. Now that both of their partners have passed away, the two feel that they should get married and spend rest of their lives together. Nishanth and Astha – the children of Aakash and Meera also strike a chord as they try to grapple with their middle-aged parents marrying again. But, things become a little complicated after Nishanth and Astha start becoming more than friends.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: Though the story in itself is interesting, the screenplay has issues. The characters here make decisions which are at odds with their behaviour. They are all well-bred individuals with a progressive mindset, but they seem incapable of making decisions which are logical. Also, the film doesn’t really have enough matter to hold your interest.
    • Direction:  The director has managed to bring out convincing performances from the cast. But he has failed to raise the film above the weak screenplay. The film becomes a test of patience in the second half. 
    • Cinematography: Vasudeo Arun Rane’s camerawork gives the film a polished look. & Jara Hatke is almost always pretty to look at.
    • Editing: & Jara Hatke lingers on and on and the editor had ample opportunity to make the film more crisp.
    •  Music and Lyrics: The songs are mostly melodious  and pleasant like the camerawork,
    •  Star Performances: Mrunal Kulkarni and Indraneil Sengupta hit off very well. They perform their part effortlessly and share a good chemistry. The younger pair of Siddharth Menon and Shivani Rangole are also impressive in their respective roles. They convincingly bring about the confusion which a teenageer might face on coming to know that his/her single parent has decided to tie the knot again.  


Final Verdict: & Jara Hatle looks elegant and the performances are all convincing. But substance is what it lacks; this means that once you have noticed the pretty art direction and camerawork, the film doesn’t hold your interest.