Marathi Film     Crime, Thriller,     19 Aug 2016

Movie Review ‘Chaurya’ (2016)| Director Sameer Asha Patil | Nilesh Navlakha, Vivek Kajaria, Ashwini Patil


Chaurya is brave, innovative and thrilling. It could have been a little more. 

Star Cast:

  • Milind Shinde
  • Digvijay Rohidas
  • Tirtha Murbadkar
  • Dinesh Lata Shetty
  • Kishor Kadam
  • Ganesh Yadav
  • Pradip Velankar

Director          : Sameer Asha Patil
Producer        :  Nilesh Navalakha, Vivek Kajaria, Sameer Asha Patil & Ashwini Patil

Music              : Mayuresh Kelkar

Lyrics             : Ahankarao Dhamnikar, Vishnu Thore, Sameer Asha patil

Like                : Endeavors to be brusquely different with its theme.

Dislike           : Lacks the profundity and vigor. Characters are bland.

Rating            : 3.5/5

The Review:

Movie Synopsis: Shignapur is a village without doors and locks. This atypical practice is Shani Shingnapur’s claim to recognition. The residents live by the conviction that Lord Shani himself will watch and shield them. The devotion of the population of 3000 is unshaken, but unexpectedly a robbery takes place and from there on rolls the story of this social crime thriller.

 Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: Promises a lot, but delivers less. The religious and social elements, as we anticipated from the trailer, are absent. The screenplay revolves, rather rotates, around a single chain of event which takes place in the village periphery. The central subject highlights four main characters who rob the Shingnapur temple wearing masks. The four characters keep the audience guessing, and also each other in the movie, about their culpability for the robbery. The screenplay, though novel, lacks an arousing foundation. The focal point of the screenplay revolves around 2 things: the real identities of the characters and the money trail; as a result, the subplots remain curtailed and under-developed.  Brainteasers and puzzles are unveiled by the end, but the process of unraveling is far too complex and frenzied.
  • Cinematography: Jeetendra Pandit and Shirishail Hiremath create a Tarantino style experience for the movie. Thrillers are an uncommon in Marathi Cinema, and when the opportunity knocks the door, it’s important to grab it with both the hands. The cinematographers do exactly that.
  • Editing: At 130 minutes, the film is apt for a classic thriller set-up. It throws up one surprise after another.
  • Music / Lyrics: Mayuresh Kelkar delivers a decent composition. The soundtracks, of course, aren’t made for your playlist, but they run smoothly in tandem with the script. Background music is fantastic. “Chortyancha Fad” is the best of the lot.
  • Direction: Samir Asha Patil should be lauded for the inventive ploy; however, he misses from striking gold at the movie making Olympics format. In an effort to be easily reached to the layman’s cinematic taste buds, the director fritters away from laying a bet on the central idea of Shani Shingnapur. The maker tries to make an incursion in the Tarantino style of film making, but remains a tyro version of the original.

Star Performances: If the writing was the weaker organ of the film, the acting was the weakest. Irrespective of how thrilling the genre of the film, the central characters comes across as timorous. Like there is a lack of cause in the script, the acting department shows deficiency in presenting a personality with an X factor. There’s no room to associate or sympathize with the 4 characters.

Final Verdict:  ‘Chaurya’ is not a weak film, far from it. It charters alien territory and it’s creditable. However, a lot could have been achieved.  There was a free hit for the taking, but the makers missed out by playing it safe. It’s watchable for its far-out, offbeat theme, it is indeed. We just hoped, we had more to cheer for. 0.5 points extra for the “Unique Accessibility Format” introduced for the first time in Indian Cinema.