Damlelya Babachi Kahani

Marathi Film     Drama,     24 Jun 2016

Damlelya Babachi Kahani | Marathi Movie Review | Sandeep Khare


Star Cast :  Sandeep Khare, Kishor Kadam, Sanskruti Balgude, Astad Kale, Dipti Bhagawat, Pravin Tarade, Jyoti Chandekar.
Producer : Vishal Dhanwade, Nitin Chavan
Story & Screenplay : Nitin Chavan
Director : Yogesh Jadhav & Nitin Chavan
Music : Salil Kulkarni
Lyrics : Sandip Khare
Cinematography : Mayuresh Joshi 

Like:  It takes up the issue of female infanticide which is commendable. Sandeep Khare shows promise as an actor in his debut role.

Dislike:  The title misleads the audience. The film is not really about the popular song Damlela Baba. It suffers from a TV serial aesthetic. The characters are all caricatures. The denouement is way too convenient.

Rating: 2/5

The Review:

Story: We are told in flashback of Ingulkar – a meek, newly married man who has a rather bigoted mother who forces Ingulkar’s pregnant wife to kill the foetus if it turns out to be a female. But Ingulkar is traumatized when he witnesses the ghastly manner followed by the hospital to dispose of the female foetus. The traumatic experience leaves him with a mental disorder which makes him violent whenever he sees a woman being taken advantage of. Once, when he sees a woman being raped, in the spur of the moment, he kills the rapist. He is then tried in the court for murder.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: The screenplay attempts to throw some light on the relevant social issue of female infanticide. But it adopts a rather preachy manner. The negative characters are the worst caricature one can think of. Despite being a realistic film, the characters are either black or white. There are no grey shades at all. The finale is predictable and all too convenient. The title of the film is rather misleading.
    • Direction: A TV serial like aesthetic is strangely adopted. As a result the film comes across as the ‘Maherchi Sadi’ like films that came out in hordes in the 90s. It seems caught in a bygone era. It even succumbs to cringe-worthy melodrama.
    • Cinematography: Mayuresh Joshi frames his scenes as if he is shooting for a TV serial!
    •  Music and Lyrics: The song used in the film is the one already popular – Damlela Babachi Kahani.
    •  Star Performances:  Sandeep Khare has talent for acting. He seems comfortable in front of the screen, The less said about the other actors, the better. Kishore Kadam is over the top!


Final Verdict: Damlelya Babachi Kahani is a film that reminds one of the social issues  Marathi films of the 90s in a bad way. Other than throwing some light on a relevant social issue of female infanticide, the film has nothing else to recommend. TV serial aesthetic, caricatures and over-the-top melodrama makes the film a bad watch.