Disco Sannya

Marathi Film     Comedy,     05 Aug 2016

Disco Sannya | Marathi Movie Review | Amusing and heart-warming


Disco Sannya is amusing!


  • Paarth Bhalerao as Disco Sannya
  • Sanjay Khapre as Shreyas Kale

Director    : Niyaz Mujawar

Producer  : Abhijeet Kawthalkar, Sachin Purohit

Music         : Sachin Purohit Abhijit Kawathalkar,

Lyrics         :  Niyaz Mujawar

Like            : Novel treatment, Jugal Bandi between the millionaires and slum kid, and the climax

Dislike        : Outlandish, preposterous, over-the-top comedy

Rating        : 3/5.

The Review:

Synopsis: Shreyas Kale is an egotistical millionaire while Disco Sannya is a 15 year old slum kid raised on the streets selling variety of products at the signals. The story of the film DISCO SANNYA is weaved around these two individuals and the fender-bender of their incongruent worlds, arising out of a small quarrel between two.

Story: It’s a story analogous to the well-known cat and mouse tales of Tom and Jerry. What secrets of Shreyas does Disco Sannya know that keep Shreyas giving in to his every fanatical order? Can Shreyas ever come out on top in this pursuit? To what lengths would the two go in order to be triumphant and show their pre-eminence over the other?

The plot is full of twists and turns filled with family drama and spiced with slapstick episodes. The movie truly is a roller coaster ride that flips everybody’s life upside down. In this topsy turvy tale, they are grudgingly joined by Anjali (Chitra Khare 36) Shreyas wife as well as by their son, Abhimanyu (Nihal 13)

The movie takes fresh take on the dual sides of our society, the Crorepati and the Zopadpatti! Can these worlds ever congregate? Will each accept the other? Watch Disco Sannya to know more!

Technical aspects:

  • Screenplay: Disco Sanya is a street vendor with a heart of gold, who spends most of his screen time annoying the hell out of everyone. Depiction of kids on screen is a job that needs alteration. Too restrained and the impact fades, too earsplitting and the characters lack compassion. Disco Sanya maintains a fine sense of balance. With the kids around, and the feel-good message, it is both a satisfying film as well as black comedy and serious drama. Both male leads, Sannya, and the businessman Shreyas Kale (Khapre), play a good match for film, their activities involve everything from a minor irritation to serious crime, from humor to positivity.
  • Cinematography: Sandeep Patil has shot the entire plot with subtle intricacies.
  •  Editing: The editor Milind Damle has done a upright job in cutting over-stretched portions short.
  • Music / Lyrics: Songs come as a pleasing change from the love songs and lavanis that otherwise feature in every other film.  The lyrics are unusual and speak in support of humanity and against prejudice at the same time. The phrase as well as the song is so beguiling that you will end up purring it throughout the day.
  •  Direction: The culmination tries to explain certain things Sannya did in a shot to portray him in a healthier light, and the explanation is very forceful and convincing. The director makes a fine job in churning out likable performances. His sophisticated taste is clearly palpable in furnishing a diabolic relationship between the two characters.

Star Performances: Parth Bhalerao, who plays Sannya, had achieved a perfect mix of heartfelt honesty and street-smart superciliousness. He adequately jumbles the innocence of that character and a loudmouth con artist.