Half Ticket

Marathi Film     Drama,     22 Jul 2016

Half Ticket Movie Review (Marathi) Samit Kakkad – Small film, Big heart!


Half Ticket Movie (Marathi) 2016

Star Cast:
Shubham More as Motha Kawlyacha Anda (Bigger Crow’s Egg) Elder son
Vinayak Potdar as Chotya Kawlyacha Anda (Younger Crow’s Egg) Younger son
Priyanka Bose Kamat as Mother
Usha Naik as Grandmother
Bhau Kadam as Tutti frutti

Director    : Samit Kakkad
Producer  : Nanu Jaisinghani, Suresh Jaisinghani, Mohit Jaisinghani
Music         : G.V Prakash Kumar
Lyrics         : Kshitij Patwardhan

Like            : A simple & uplifting story without any pretensions & commerciality.

Dislike       : Not much

Rating       : 3.5/5. A thumbs up

The Review:

Movie Synopsis: A simple & heartening fable of the ‘Have Nots’ struggling to keep pace with the world of ‘Haves’. Marathi movie Half Ticket is a short story of how two slum dwelling brothers go to the quirkiest of extent to reach their dreams. It’s an official remake of the Award Winning Tamil film Kaaka Muttai.

Story: All that two little boys crave for is a pizza because it is opened by Marathi Superstar Ankush Choudhari. From the slums of Mumbai, the lads try several permutations & combinations to earn Rs 300 needed to buy themselves this Italian delicacy from an outlet which opens next to their slum. The children pick coal dropped by steam engines, sell them in market & earn pennies to support their mother ( played by Priyanka Bose Kamat) & grandmother (played by Usha Naik). The father is in jail, and mother is struggling to get him bailed. Soon they have enough money for the pizza with help from Tutti Frutti (Bhau Kadam); unfortunately, they are shabbily dressed for the fancy restaurant. The boys devise another ingenious plan to buy new clothes, sadly, not even branded jeans and T-shirts fail to hide desolate background. This time they are physically attacked & thrown out. Deeply mortified, the children stop chasing their dreams.

Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: The subliminal handling is spick and span. Be it the bed wetting of younger brother or their weird fetish for crow’s eggs, the director manages to handle the intricacies & sub-plots well. The iron fencing which separates the rich boy from the two brothers underscores the pathos of the “have nots”. As the boys go about their undertaking, you are also drawn into their life & become an intrinsic part. Their contagious grins, eyes filled with mischief & tears, and their impulsiveness tickles your heart.
  • Cinematography: It is top notch and the way the slums are shown in an aesthetic manner deserve all the accolades.
  • Editing: Under two hours, the editing is crisp & neatly packed.
  • Music / Lyrics: The music & lyrics flawlessly complement the milieu. Harshavardhan Wavare croons some pleasant renditions.
  • Direction: Director Samit Kakkad has modestly captured all the basics of the mucky, tattered, crammed homes of Mumbai slums. He has discreetly touched upon many issues: the class divide, poverty, desires, the root of anti-social behavior, the capriciousness of society, the bait of advertisements, the influence of film stars, and a sensationalist media.

Star Performances: Indisputably its characters, especially the boys & their mother. The aggressive elder brother with an attitude & the naive younger brother make your heart melt. The surprise package is Priyanka Bose Kamat who adds maturity to the film. Usha Naik as grandmother & Bhau Kadam as Tutti Frutti play their small roles with honesty. Rest of the cast is decent.

Final Verdict: Go watch Marathi Movie Half Ticket with your family. Even if it’s child centered, the film is sure to hit the right chord with young & old alike. A lively “Slice of Life” by Samit Kakkad .