Kaul Manacha

Marathi Film     Drama,     21 Oct 2016

Kaul Manacha (Marathi Movie) Review | Surprisingly watchable



Rajesh Shringapure

Sameer Dharmadhikari

Amruta Patki

Vijay Gokhle

Vijay Chavan

Jaywant Wadkar

Kamlesh Sawant

Shweta Pendse

Varsha Dandale

Mausami Tondwalkar

Jairaj Nayar

Vinit Bhonde

Abhay Rane


Director: Bhimrao Munde

Producer: Rajesh Patil

Music: Rohan Rohan

Writer: Bhimrao Mude


Like: An enjoyable experience based in boarding school with a novelty factor

Dislike: Better direction could have enhanced the overall experience

Rating: 2/5


The Review:

Story: Raj (played by Ashutosh Gaikwad) is a Bollywood aficionado just like Om Prakash Makhija from ‘Om Shanti Om’. He has inherited this filmy legacy from his father. Studying in boarding school, Raj gets blown away by Miss Hema, his first teacher (played by Amruta Patki) He lives the romantic dream by imagining her in chiffon sarees on a beautiful romantic number (Sundari Tu) Raj then recreates the romance with his contemporary Ritika (played by Girija Prabhu) – a new entrant in the school.

Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: The first half throws glimpses of anti-hero shades to the character. The second half grows on you as the film makes some essential points without being sanctimonious.
  • Editing: At 2 hours, the editing is crisp.
  • Direction: Bhimrao Mude manages to keep the entire proceedings of the film interesting with the available plot-line.
  • Star Performances: The highlight of the film are the lead kids Ashutosh and Girija, who deliver enduring performances. Interesting contributions are chipped in by Rajesh Shringapure and Kamlesh Sawant.
  • Dialogues: The overtly melodramatic dialogues get boring and could have been avoided. At times, they get on your nerves.
  • Music: Couple of songs are well worth a listen and add a much needed zing to the story-line.

Verdict: Kaul Manacha is good for a one time viewing despite the cringe worthy treatment and hyper exaggerated hamming. Go in with zero expectations to enjoy the film.