Lost And Found

Marathi Film     Romance, Drama,     29 Jul 2016

‘Lost and Found’ Marathi Movie Review – Pale and insipid.


Star Cast:

Siddharth Chandekar: Manas

Spruha Joshi: Naina

Mangesh Desai: Marut

Mohan Agashe: Shrirang Kaka

Director: Ruturaj Dhalgade

Producer: Vinod Malgewar

Music: Shubhankar

Lyrics: Spruha Joshi, Dr. Rahul Deshpande

Like: The central theme, the idea  – whatever little

Dislike: The film never comes out of conceptualization mode.

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down: Thumbs down. 1/5

Movie Synopsis:

‘Lost & found’ is essentially a love story of Manas (played by Siddharth Chandekar) and Naina (essayed by Spruha Joshi) dealing with solitude and seclusion in their personal lives. Since loneliness has become a prominent part of our city lives, ‘Lost & Found’ tries to shed light on these very overlooked  – but important human emotions, and try  to bring a wave of change. In the movie ‘Lost and Found’, Manas, Naina, Maruti (Mangesh Desai) & Shrirang Kaka (Dr. Mohan Agashe) – take an initiative against loneliness, thereby revitalizing their forlorn lives. The Anti Loneliness Programme becomes larger and creates its own harms.


Manas (Siddharth Chandekar) – the central character of the film – experiences an awful break up in a relationship, and requires time to heal the ghastly wounds. He suffers from loneliness and realizes that many friends and acquaintances are also going through a torrid time. Loneliness is a sensitive problem – which when aggravated – leads to far more destructive concerns like dejection, depression and suicidal tendencies. In order to tackle these mental health issues, he comes up with an initiative called ALP (Anti Loneliness Programme) with the help of Shrirang uncle (Dr Agashe) and Maruti (Desai) , later joined by Naina (played by Spruha Joshi). The proposal involves meeting people, finding out if they’re lonely, subsequently offering assisting to cope with the complexities.

Technical Aspects

  • Screenplay: This is when all things start going awry. The movie has a subject matter – a very sensitive one – but the makers fail to put into operation. The film’s way of establishing this institution called ALP, and its modus operandi, is incongruous. Manas and Maruti go knocking on the doors, distributing leaflets about the organization, asking them to call up if they suffer from loneliness. The entire thing looks far-fetched.
  • Cinematography: Mediocre and fails to bolster the script. Out of place and muddled.
  • Editing: The editing is averagely done.
  • Music / Lyrics: Music is run-of-the-mill and hardly adds something significant.
  • Dialogues: The dialogues are monotonous and jaded.
  • Direction: The director has managed to accumulate a collection of thoughts and tried to cram them in a film. The sequences look strained and purposeless. Ruturaj Dhalgade’s last film ‘Slambook’ was also imperfect, but had a viewable element to it.

Star Performances: Considered to be the chocolate boy of Marathi film industry, Siddharth Chandekar carries the suave look in the film exceedingly well. Spruha as usual looks very bubbly and intelligent. The two actors fail to re-establish the energy & chemistry of their TV soap – and it would be unfair to place the blame – because the movie hardly carries any flesh.  Dr. Agashe and Desai handle their roles graciously.

Final Verdict: An unalloyed movie made with a genuine spirit but it all ends there. The makers couldn’t put their ideas into practice. Need a real crash course in film making. The makers seem to have taken inspiration from the Greek drama called Alps, which has an organization of therapists, called ALPS who also deal with lonely people, but had an intriguing story to back up the idea. ‘Lost and Found’ gets trapped in no man’s land. It just looks like TV soap transformed into a movie.