One way ticket

Marathi Film     ,     23 Sep 2016

One Way Ticket Marathi Movie Review | Amruta Khanvilkar, Shashank Ketkar | Amol Shetge, Kamal Nathani


Starcast: Sachit Patil, Amruta Khanvilkar, Gashmeer Mahajani, Shashank Ketkar & Neha Mahajan

Screenplay: Amol Shetge

Director: Kamal Nathani & Amol Shetge

Cinematographer: Rupang Acharya

Music: Gaurav Dagaonkar

Like: The consistent performances by the whole cast make the film watchable, apart from the visually appealing frames and the experiment of setting the film in a cruise.

Dislike: There is hardly any plot development in the second half and the film loses grip.

Rating: 2.5/5. Thumbs Up!

 Story: One Way Ticket is a story of Aniket. He is a young lad from Pune who convinces his mother to sell her land and jewellery to transfer the money in the name of a recruiting agency. But Aniket realises, only after he lands in Italy, that he has been cheated by the recruiting agency. Penniless Aniket then travels back in the cruise by being pretending to be Aditya Rane who is presumed to be dead.

On the cruise, Aniket meets Shivani who is in search of her boyfriend Aditya Rane. After hearing the news of the death of Aditya, she finds emotional support in Aniket. But another character named D’Costa comes into play and the film takes an unexpected turn.

Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: The first half keeps you hooked despite a few blemishes. Most importantly, we are rooting for Aniket as we care for him. The addition of the D’Costa character brings intrigue to the film. The film is well poised at the stroke of interval to become a gripping suspense thriller. But the curse of the second half strikes. The plot is hardly developed in the second half and loses the grip it has on the audience.
  • Cinematography: The pretty frames shot by the cameraman Rupang Acharya is the biggest draw of the film. The film has been extensively shot on a cruise and scenic locations in Europe. The camerawork keeps the film visually appealing at all times.
  • Music/Lyrics: Reshami Reshami is already a chartbuster. The sweet Mast Malanga has also charmed the masses. The background score successfully adds to the tension.
  • Editing: The editing in the second half could have been sharper.
  • Direction: The first half is crisp and keeps us glued to our seats. But the lack of a plot development in the second half makes the director’s job more difficult. Despite the film being shorter than two hours, it starts testing our patience. He draws good performances from his actors for the most part.

Star Performances: TV heartthrob Shashank Ketkar’s debut in films is a decent attempt. He is convincing enough to make us empathise with his character. So are the other actors Amruta Khanvilkar and Sachit Patil. But they are all limited by the weak screenplay.

Verdict: One Way Ticket is one of those films that do not fulfill the promise they show in the first half. Despite being backed by decent performances and encapsulating camerawork, the film doesn’t hold our attention due to the weak screenplay in the second half. But the attempt to set the film entirely on a cruise and shoot in scenic European locations must be appreciated as it is the first Marathi film to do so.