Marathi Film     Romcom,     16 Sep 2016

Photocopy Marathi Movie Review – Fresh and charming! | Parna Pethe, Chetan Chitnis | Vijay Maurya


Star Cast:  Chetan Chitnis, Parna Pethe, Vandana Gupte, Dr.Girish Oak, Jaywant Wadkar, Anshuman Joshi, Manmeet Pem, Aashay Kulkarni  
Director: Vijay Maurya
Producer :
Akash Rajpal, Neha Rajpal
Story & Screenplay : Omkar Datt, Akash Rajpal, Vijay Maurya
Music: Nilesh Moharir, Rohan-Rohan, A.V. Prafullachandra, Praful, Karlekar, Shreyas Puranik, Neha Rajpal
Lyrics: Ashwini Shende, Manndar Cholkar, Omkar Mangesh Datt, Neha Rajpal, Jaffer Sagar, A.V. Prafullachandra, Vijay maurya
Cinematography: KK Manoj
Editor : Ninad Khanolkar
Art Director : Mahesh Salgaonkar 

Like: Fresh treatment given to the age-old story of identical twins causing designed confusion; the performance by the Parna Pethe who plays the double role and also the rest of the cast; the pleasant and appealing look of the film.

Dislike: The screenplay tests a bit of your patience in the second half. It takes a little too long to reach the climax.

Rating: 3.5/5

The Review:

Story: Madhu and Mala are identical twin sisters. Both are totally unlike each other. Madhu is a smart, dashing and frank girl who doesn’t think twice before saying anything. Her dressing sense is trendy, but she doesn’t have any interest in academics. Mala on the other hand is deeply religious, nerdy and studious. The sisters live with their cool grandmother as their parents have passed away. But a certain handsome and rich Sameer enters their life and the two sisters begin a game of one upmanship to win his heart. Sameer is unaware of Madhu having an identical twin sister and falls for Mala when she is impersonating Madhu, on Madhu’s request. A love triangle is born out of this designed confusion involving the three protagonists Sameer, Madhu and Mala.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: Despite the idea being as old as the hills, Vijay Maurya’s screenplay manages to give the story a fresh treatment. The disparity between the characters of Madhu and Mala is beautifully underlined. Sameer is also not just a cardboard character but a believable fully fleshed out one. The supporting characters also add their own flavor to their story. Only the second half begins to test your patience as the climax which seems in sight never seems to arrive.
    • Direction: Vijay Maurya makes sure that the age-old direction is not given a run of the mill treatment. A veteran ad filmmaker, he manages to give the film a squeaky clean look. It is rare to find a Marathi film with such high production values; the film has even been shot in Lavasa. He manages to extract good performances from even the smallest of characters.
    • Cinematography: One of the high points of the film is its appealing look which has been brought about with the wonderful collaboration between the production designer, cameraman and costume designer.
    • Editing: The second half is a little too long and some work could have been done at the editing room to make it crisper.
    •  Music and Lyrics: The album is a delicious potpourri of compositions. It is a wholesome album that is very satisfying.
    •  Star Performances:  Marathi cinema has found another dependable actor in the name of Parna Pethe. She did make a case for herself in the period drama Rama Madhav and the recent release YZ, but this is a knockout performance by the young actor. It goes without saying that her performance was very crucial to the film given that she had to play not one but two pivotal roles. And the way she slips in and out of the two diametrically opposite characters is a treat to watch. Chetan Chitnis also has good screen presence and impresses in his debut. Veteran actors Vandana Gupte and Girish Oak play out their part with charming ease.

Final Verdict: Photocopy gives a fresh treatment to a much recycled story. Parna Pethe playing the double role of the two identical twins keeps you glued to the screen. It also has a beautiful soundtrack. Only if the second half was crisper, Photocopy could have been one of the best films of the year.