Marathi Film     Sports Drama,     05 Aug 2016

Taleem | Marathi Movie Review | Nitin Rokade Directorial Debut


Taleem wins the battle of ‘Kushti’


  • Abhijeet Shwetchandra
  • Vaishali Dabhade
  • Mitali Jagtap
  • Vishnu Joshilkar
  • Prashant Mohite
  • Yashpal Sarnath,
  • Arjun, Chaya Kadam

Director: Nitin Madhukar Rokade

Producer: Sudarshan Ingale, Sanjay Mulay, Jayaditya Giri, Nitin Madhukar Rokade

Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar

Music: Praful Karlekar

Like:  An entertaining sports drama.

Dislike: Stumbles and falters, drives in rough terrain, but recovers, anyway.

Rating: 4/5 and Thumbs Up

Synopsis: Hated and betrayed, witness the tale of an underdog wrestler who makes a comeback against all odds. “Taleem” chiefly showcases the golden years of wrestling. The story circles around one wrestling specialist named Kishen Ustad.

Story: The whole film revolves around a wrestler and his life journey. The story is about the shining phase of his career and personal life, the hatred and the struggle to prove. Abhijeet Shweta Chandra is in the lead role of wrestler and Vaishali Dabhade is opposite to lead star of the movie. Vishnu Joshilkar, a 60-year-old real-life wrestler, is also in the key role in Taleem Movie.

Technical Analysis:

  • Screenplay: First-half of the film is high on drama. Wait, not the typical Bollywood pot-boiler. Instead, the director has put a mysterious feel to it. The dialect and accent of Maharashtra are the true winners. Amalgamated with performance, the portrayals of pahalwans are pretty gripping in some of the scenes. Second-half of ‘Taleem’ is powerful enough to give you an adrenaline rush. This is what we were expecting from the film. The struggle of the wrestler to prove a point in his personal life draws you into the story.
  • Cinematography: Fresh, unblemished and attractive. Effectively captures the backdrop of rural areas and the wrestling Akhadas.
  • Dialogues: The dialogues are assertive, hard-hitting and motivational, thoroughly reflecting the film’s disposition.
  • Editing: Unlike Sultan, the film steers clear of meandering endlessly into unchartered territories.
  • Music/Lyrics: Inspirational and motivational keeping in symphony of the underdog’s life.
  • Director: Nitin Rokade’s film takes us on a virtual tour of Maharashtra’s interiors.  Be it the sets or locations, you will find yourself lost in the aura of the state with a wrestling texture. Nitin Rokade’s Bollywood touch is clearly flagrant in the treatment.

Performances: Abhijeet Shweta chandra and Vaishali’s performance are remarkable. The love story of both the characters is essayed with confidence. The struggle of a wrestler and his passion for winning the glory back forms the crux of the movie. Vaishali Dabhade in the role of a dancer is amiable.

Final Verdict: We found ourselves excitedly rooting for the hero.