Ti Sadhya Kay Karte

Marathi Film     Love Story, Drama,     06 Jan 2017

Ti Sadhya Kay Karte Movie Review

Star Cast: Ankush Chaudhary, Tejashree Pradhan, AbhinayBerde, AaryaAmbekar
Director: Satish Rajwade
Story & Screenplay:
 Satish Rajwade
Producer: Nikhil Sane, Arvind Jog, PallaviRajwade
Cinematography:  SuhasGujrathi
Editor:  Rahul Bhatnakar

Rating: 3.5/5

Like: Ankush Chaudhary in the lead role is the biggest plus of the film. The assured direction keeps proceedings interesting. Acting by Tejashree Pradhan and HrudityaRajwade is also good.

Dislike: Debutantes AbhinayBerde and AaryaAmebekar’s performance is one of the weakest link in the film. The screenplay is a little too convenient at times and simplistic for the most part. No character apart from Ankush’s got developed.

The Review:

Story Line:

Anurag (Ankush Chaudhary) gets nostalgic about his first love from childhood called Tanvi at their college reunion. The film is about how Schooling years are the best years of life. Friends made here remain friends for life and memories of school always linger in everybody’s mind. Everybody in this schooling period of life falls in love with that special one which he or she wants to eventually get married to if the feelings are mutual and serious. But how many of us do end up with that first love…? Not many… Anurag still holds a guilt in his mind that he couldn’t express his love to Tanvi. But when he comes to know that Tanvi is visiting his city after ages, he resolves to finally open up to her. 

Screenplay: Satish Rajwade’s screenplay is a mixed bag. The story he tells is quite clichéd to begin with. It is about unrequited love and we have got dime a dozen films with the same theme. There is no extraordinary twist to the tale either. So we are stuck with just the storytelling. The plus point about the storytelling is that it is honest. There are no gimmicks at work here. The adolescent love shown in the film is something all of us identify with. The lead character of Anurag is well sketched. We empathise with him in all his three avatars – the 10 year kid, college going teenager and a married middle aged man. The voice over is particularly well written and aides the film for the most part. But Rajwade doesn’t develop any other character apart from Anurag. Even the second lead character Tanvi is not convincingly sketched. We never get a peek into her mind. Other crucial characters like that of Anurag’s wife are there only for namesake.

Another weakness that can be pointed out about the screenplay is that few things are a little too convenient. Most convenient is how Anurag’s wife is shown to be an absolute simpleton. She doesn’t find anything odd in naming their daughter after a girl her husband knew very well. Neither does the presence of Tanvi in her own home make her feel insecure. Her characters is rather implausible and poorly written.

Another major issue is with one of the most crucial scene in the film. It is an emotional outburst of Anurag at their farewell party. But it comes from nowhere. There just doesn’t seem to be any justification for the outburst. Neither is the characters shown to be a short-tempered fellow.

Direction: The assured direction saves the film from becoming another bore. Satish Rajwade seems to have understood the ways and means of telling a love story. He has done it consistently now. He has cast newcomers in crucial roles but has ensure that they suit the character and don’t stick out. The whole vibrancy of staying in a big housing colony has been well depicted. He has also used the voice over to good effect.

Cinematography: SuhasGujrathi’s camerawork keeps the film visually appealing. The outdoor shots in the old housing colony or the indoor ones in Anurag’s swanky home, all the shots are well framed.

Music: The songs are one too many in the first half. But                ‘hrudayatvaje something’ is the pick of the lot.

Star Performances: Ankush Chaudhary steals the show as the lead character Anurag. He plays him in the adult stage. Ankush has grown up as an actor in the recent past and this performance is further proof of the fact. The excitement that shows up on his face after getting a reply from Tanvi is spot on. Remember that he is a much married middle aged man. But still the excitement of a teenager shows up on his face.

However, apart from Ankush there is no other striking performance and drags back the film a bit. The casting of Arya Ambekar and AbhinayBerde is a total failure. Abhinay who is LaxmikantBerde’s son needs to seriously work on his acting skills. The little Anurag and Tanvi are a bit better than their adolescent counterparts.

Overall: ‘Tee SadhyaKaayKarte’ is a clichéd story of unrequited love that doesn’t really explore unchartered territories. But it has been told well with an assured hand at direction from Satish Rajwade. Ankush Chaudhary’s performance lifts it a notch or two. If nothing, it is certainly worth a watch at least once.