Marathi Film     Comedy, Drama, Romace,     12 Aug 2016

‘YZ’ Marathi Film Review | Sameer Vidwans | Sai Tamhankar, Sagar Deshmukh, Akshay Tansale

‘YZ’ lives up to the theme of the movie – it’s full of attitude.



  • Sagar Deshmukh as Abab
  • Akshay Tanksale as Battees
  • Parna Pethe as Antara
  • Sai Tamhankar as Parnarekha.
  • Mukta Barve


Director         : Sameer Vidwans

Producer       : Sanjay Chhabria & Anish Joag

Music             : Kshitij Patwardhan

Lyrics             : Kshitij Patwardhan, Sameer Vidwans


Like                  : Sophisticated, lighthearted humor with plausible characters.

Dislike             : Loose and slow first half.


Rating             : 3.5/5

Movie Synopsis:  Antara an 18-year-old based in Pune meets 32-year-old Gajanan by chance. Trapped in an indeterminate state and not able to undergo metamorphosis from a young man to an old man, Gajanan is struggling to make sense of where his life is driving himself. The movie shows how even the slightest of self-confidence and assurance can do wonders for a person with an identity crisis.

Story: Gajanan Deshmukh, a 32 year old, is a history teacher from Wai. He is transferred to Pune on an assignment. Gajanan is a recluse and shy person – hesitant to gear up for anything new in his life. His everlastingly overdue marriage has added to his paranoia and indulges in reverie to get away from this monotonous and colorless situation in real life.

Petrified to face the new surroundings, Gajanan relocates to Pune and continues to live in his bubble. Events take a turn when he meets Battees (Tanksale), his student, who brings about an elementary transformation in his character. Just when Gajanan is ready to regain control over his life, he gets a marriage proposal from Parnrekha played by Sai Tamhankar, a pious and plain girl. Trapped in this situation, he takes steps towards making changes in his life.

Technical Aspects:

  • Screenplay: A combination of three plots moving in the central theme. The two plots closely attached to the plot are the swapped roles between student and teacher and the central character’s hallucinating wool-gathering. In the first half, the screenplay is jagged due to the different plots being played out. The counseling of Gajanan by Battees takes away much of the portion in the first half. Things pick up pace with Parnrekha’s admission and don’t tail off.
  • Cinematography: Snappish, crunchy and fresh. The juggling of three plots keep pace with the screenplay.
  • Dialogues: The funny dialogues knits tight the loose first half by keeping away the boring moments. The dialogues are the strong aspect of the film.
  • Editing: The editing could have been much better in the first half. The potholed editing fails to create a condensed screenplay.
  • Music / Lyrics: The music of the film is worth taking away home. ‘O Kaka’ is already a chartbuster.
  • Direction: Sameer Vidwans creates present-day real characters. He smartly evades from unadventurous and predictable storytelling. The movie falters at several junctures, but director ably camouflages it with uncanny characters and hilarious moments. The duo of director Sameer Vidwans and writer Kshitij Patwardhan impressed us with “Double seat” and repeat it with ‘YZ’.

Star Performances: Along with the music and dialogues, the film scores most points in the casting. Sagar Deshmukh and Akshay Tansale are exceptional in their roles. Sai Tamhankar plays the unconventional role remarkably well. Parna and Muka Barwe get less time on the screen. The male and female star cast is equitable in distribution, and strengthens the movie.

Final Verdict:  The movie has many loopholes, but it remains comically amusing over and over again. The fresh characters and their presentation add a sprightly enthusiasm to the overall picture. For a lighthearted 2 hours of entertainment, ‘YZ‘ is worth the ticket cost.