A women’s organisation has appealed to boycott Sarkar 3

Mar 11, 2017 - 03:01 hrs IST
A women’s organisation has appealed to boycott Sarkar 3

A women’s organization has filed a complaint against the director Ram Gopal Varma for his derogatory tweet on Sunny Leone on the International Women’s Day

The organization appealed the public to boycott his upcoming film Sarkar 3 and have approached the Goa State Women’s Commission seeking an action against the film maker and boycotting his film to be released this week, they want to teach the film maker a lesson  said the office bearer Pratiksha Korgaokar in her statement . Ram Gopal Varma is said to have not only used  language against women but also has used threatening language by insulting the women in his tweet which was most uncalled for act by a man of his stature.

Meanwhile Bollywood Celebrities have also expressed their views and have condemned the director’s move. The filmmaker has said things about Amitabh Bachchan too . Sunny Leone has been matured enough to say, “Change will only happen when we have one voice, so let’s choose our words wisely! Peace and Love !

The complaint said Varma has gravely insulted women with his tweet. Meanwhile, various celebrities have expressed their views on Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet. Jackie Shroff, who will be seen in Sarkar 3, have condemn the director’s move.

“He is a big boy. He knows what he is talking about or he doesn’t know. I will not say such a thing about a lady. It is his thinking. What he thinks about people he says. He has said things about Bachchan Saab and so many other things too. They say freedom of speech. I have control, I have a Lakshman Rekha,” Shroff said.

Sunny Leone has also said, “Change only happens when we have one voice, so let’s choose your words wisely! Peace and love!!.”