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Actress Vidya Balan steps into the shoes of a Woman who is torn between India and Pakistan.
Mar 10, 2017 - 03:42 hrs IST

Vidya Balan who is the Begum Jaan in her forth coming film the Madam of a brothel steps into the shoes of a woman torn between India and Pakistan , a story revolving around a brothel house and the prostitutes during Partition.

The film is an adaptation of the Bengali film, ‘ Rajkahani ’ directed by Srijit Mukherji who is also producing the Hindi version , ‘ Begum Jaan ’  Based on the lives of women living in a brothel who find themselves divided by the newly drawn LoC , their brothel is divided into two halves between India and Pakistan post partition and how these brothel women fight for their rights is what the film is all about.

The audience will get to see about the Partition for the first time beyond the textbooks and that there has never been books in the past or any films on women during that period. Vidya Balan  finds it interesting as well a little perturbed as to why films were not made in the past portraying the women during Partition.

The National Award Winning Actress will feature in this film with a lot of emotional and mental violence which she admits was not easy for her to bring out her best.

The Actress who plays a role of this kind of a film expressed that it was difficult to do this film wherein she has to fight for her rights over a risk of losing her home her space while she has to go through emotional and mental trauma as well as sexual violence.

It would be an eye opener no doubt for people to think differently about women and prostitutes and she can only hope for a big change in their perspective and outlook towards such stigma in the society.

Begum Jaan arrives on screen on April 14th 2017.