Akshay Kumar to play the role of Gulshan Kumar in his biopic film, ' Mogul' .

Mar 15, 2017 - 09:17 hrs IST
Akshay Kumar to play the role of Gulshan Kumar in his biopic film, ' Mogul' .

Music emperor Gulshan Kumar's rags to riches life story and his larger than life story is going to be compiled and screened ​​​.

Akshay Kumar who was very close to the music mogul is going to be doing his Biopic film wherein every aspect of Gulshan Kumar 's life is going to depicted . Bringing out the best from his life where he is an innovator, his devotion to Mata Rani, his meticulous rise and success, his devotional music that is heard in every household in India and how he created a completely new music industry by the name of T-Series which went on to be gigantically a music empire. The film is going to be directed by Subhash Kapoor and will have Superstar Akshay Kumar play his role while Gulshan Kumar's wife, Sudesh Kumari will produce the film.

Actor Akshay Kumar is very happy to do this biopic and says he has had a close association with Gulshan Kumar.

His son Bhushan Kumar is excited that for him its a dream come true. He says that his father has been the guiding force in everything he has been doing or achieved in life, and one day he wanted to share his father's amazing story to the world.

​Vikram Malhotra is said to have shared the idea to Subhash Kapoor and it was a thought that was being nurtured for a long time and that he wanted to bring out a film on Gulshan Kumar and Akshay kumar has been just the right person to carry off this role.

Gulshan Kumar who was extremely attached to his younger daughter Tulsi Kumar therefore the film has been announced on her birthday and the shooting for this film ' Mogul; will begin end of 2017.