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Profession: Actor , Supporting Actor, Guest Appearance
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  • Also Know as :- Varun Dhawan
  • Profession:- Actor , Supporting Actor, Guest Appearance
  • Gender :- male
  • Birthdate:- 24 Apr 1987
  • Debut Year:- 2012
  • Active Years:- Till Today

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Varun Dhawan
Indian Film History
Varun Dhawan
Indian Film History
Varun Dhawan
Indian Film History

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With Badlapur, Varun Dhawan established he is an actor to reckon   After establishing an image of a fun loving and happy-go-lucky man in movies like Student Of The Year, Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Varun Dhawan took the audience and the critics alike by surprise with his gruesome image of Raghu in Badlapur (2015).   In this film Dhawan played a married man, who is out on mission to avenge the death of his wife and his minor son. What was more challenging was that he was pitted against film industries’ most versatile and accomplished actor Nawazuddin Siddiqi.   Many film expert’s had written him off and predicted his dome but Varun was clear in his mind.   In interview he said, “It was the most challenging role of my career. I had cut off myself from society and completely changed my lifestyle. I stopped partying and would stay in loneness to experience the bitterness and frustration. I give full credit to film director Sriram, who had prepared me for the role. He had also arranged several workshops for the film, before we started shooting.” He added, “Sriram had intentionally shot the film in Igatpuri, at a place where there was no electricity for several days. With the comfortable life being disrupted, it added greater strength in making me more intense and rough.” “My confrontation scene with Nawazbhai (Nawazuddin Siddiqi) was the greatest asset of the film and I credit all my success to Nawazbhai because he kept encouraging me and boosting my confidence,” he informed.   Truly as Raghu, Varun Dhawan proved he is an actor to reckon. BIG Star Entertainment awarded him for his excellent performance in the film.  While Filmfare and IIFA nominated him as Best Actor.

Wanna know what is Varun Dhawan’s nickname?   It may surprise the readers that Varun Dhawan’s parents loving called him – Pappu! But unlike his nickname, which is usually linked with a stupid, Varun is an intelligent boy.   He was very notorious and naughty in his school and house. He played pranks with everybody and was a hard boy to control. But thanks to his mother, who brought him up painstakingly.   Varun aspired to be wrestler and become a WWF Champion   In a candid interview to leading national daily newspaper, Varun confessed, “As a child I was most pampered since I was the youngest. I would watch WWF with great interest and emulate WWF wrestlers. I would fight like them and sustain a lot of bruises and injuries. My favorite WWF wrestler was The Rock.”   “However, my mother did not like my interest in wrestling. She would shout at me but I would argue and claim that I want to become a wrestler and yell –I am Rock but would get slapped by my mom!”   He added, “When I found my favorite Rock becoming an actor, I also decided to become an actor!”   After HSC, Varun Dhawan studied Business Management at Nottingham Trent   After completing  his HSC in Commerce from Mumbai’s H.R. College, Varun Dhawan did a degree in Business Management from the prestigious Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom.   Recollecting his days at Nottingham Trent University, he said, “My dad has always taught me not to depend on parent’s hence while studying in UK, I worked part-time in evening to make my pocket money. My job was to distribute pamphlets outside different pubs and nightclubs in chilly cold and I earned five pounds per hour.”   “After 2-3 hours of work, I enjoyed at the same pubs as entry into these pubs was Free for us as an incentive,” he informed.

Varun Dhawan shuns all relationship with co-stars; wishes to marry childhood girlfriend   Varun Dhawan has been linked with several of his co-stars like Alia Bhatt, with whom he has been paired in maximum films. From his debut film Student of the Year to Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and now Badrinath Ki Dulhania. But Varun has declined any affair.   Likewise he has been connected with Shraddha Kapoor but Varun Dhawan claims he does not want to settle with any of his co-stars. Instead he is happy with his childhood girlfriend Natasha Dalal, whom he keeps close doors, away from the paparazzi.    Natasha is a fashion designer. The duo shares a relation since many years.   But with media writing juicy gossip about his fake relationship with other actresses, Varun Dhawan, decided to make it public and hence at Shahid Kapoor's recent birthday party, Varun arrived hand-in-hand with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal, and to stop all rumor mills he told a leading newspaper, "I just wish to focus on my career and hope people should write about my films and my work. As regards my personnel life, when I want people to know about my personal life, I will write an autobiography!.” 

Varun Dhawan was on sky nine when he came to know that SOTY (Student of the Year) was being directed by Karan Johar   When Varun Dhawan decided to enter films, his father, the famous film director David Dhawan, declined to launch him. He asked Varun to struggle like any ordinary new comer. Varun in an interview said, “While I was struggling as an actor, Karan Sir (Karan Johar) asked me to first learn the art of filmmaking hence he appointed me as his assistant director in his film My Name is Khan.”   He informed, “When Karan Sir announced his film Student Of The Year (SOTY), I was excited. I gave some of my CDs of short films that I and my friends used to shoot.   After that I was waiting for Karna sir’s response but there was no response. One month passed and I lost hopes.”   He added, “But one day Karan Sir came to our house and gave the big news that he had selected me for the film. What was more thrilling was that when Karan Sir said that he would be directing the film! Otherwise I was expecting since he was making an experimental film with new comers, perhaps, he would be giving a break to new director!”     The year 2014 -15 proved a Goldmine for Varun Dhawan   With the success of SOTY, both film buffs and film critics wrote rave reviews about Varun Dhawan’s excellent performance.   Eminent film magazine Stardust awarded Varun Dhawan with Breakthrough Performance of the year award. All the major film awards viz. Filmfare, Screen etc nominated him as Best Debutant Actor.   With the windfall of awards, Varun Dhawan was flooded with offers but Varun showed patience and carefully selected his movies. He skipped one full year, and rejected many films. His calculation and endurance paid off as both the films viz, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014) and Main Tera Hero (2014) were box-office hits. Besides commercial success Varun Dhawan established his mastery in comedy and won the prestigious IIFA Best Performance in a Comic Role Award  - Main Tera Hero!   In addition for Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania he won the Stardust award in Best Romance and Comedy!   With 2014 proving successful, year 2015 turned a gold mine as this year he hit a hat-trick of hits at box-office with Badlapur, ABCD 2 and Dilwale all doing excellent business.   Varun Dhawan stepping into the shoes of Salman Khan    In a short span of five years Varun Dhawan has made a remarkable name in Bollywood. His biggest achievement is that he has notched the coveted dual role played by Salman Khan in the 1997 biggest hit Judwaa.   Filmmaker Sajid Nadiyadwala and David Dhawan, who had created the original, have decided to re-create the same magic in its sequel.   Varun, who was quite young when the original film was made, recalled, “When the film was being made I had visited the sets and called Salman Khan, ‘uncle’ to which he retorted, ‘call me bhai’!”   Recently at a special screening of original Judwaa, Salman Khan, had another advice for Varun Dhawan, “Don’t be over smart, listen to the director!”

# Released Date Type Credited As Movie
1 31 Dec 2025 Film Actor Ranbhoomi
2 31 Dec 2025 Film Actor Made In India
3 31 Dec 2025 Film Actor Sanki
4 28 Nov 2025 Film Actor Bhediya 2
5 31 Dec 2024 Film Actor Shuddhi
6 27 Dec 2024 Film Actor Baby John
7 27 Dec 2024 Film Actor Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari
8 21 Jul 2023 Film Actor Bawaal
9 25 Nov 2022 Film Actor Bhediya
10 24 Jun 2022 Film Actor Jugjugg Jeeyo