Dev Anand

  Hindi Film     Producer, Main Lead, Director, Lyricist, Story Writer, Screenplay, Dialogue    26 Sep 1923

Dev Anand is considered as one of the most distinguished actors of the Indian film industry.   
Born 26th September 1923
Place of Birth Gurudaspur in Undivided Punjab
Original Name Dharam Dev Anand
Spouse and children. In 1954, Dev Anand married Mona Singh, a beauty queen from Simla who was discovered by his brother Chetan and both had got married in a quiet ceremony in Russia during his film "Rahi" and ' "Aandhiyan".   Mona Singh adapted the screen name of Kalpana Kartik, and starred opposite her to-be-husband in all her movies. Both became parents in 1956 when their son Suneil was born. They also had a daughter Devina.
Siblings Is the 2nd of the three brothers. Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand were both Film Directors and had one sister Sheela who was subsequently married in the Kapur family . His nephew Shekhar Kapur born to his sister is an actor / film actor too. Her daughters, Neelu was married to the fine Actor Navin Nischol and Aruna who was married to Ajay Parikshat Sahni, son of renowned Balraj Sahni.
Education Dev graduated from Government College, Lahore, British India
His first Romance While the making of the film opposite to the singer actress Suraiya, it is said that the boat in which the film was shot capsized and Dev Anand rescued Suraiya in a filmy style and they both fell in love but they could not marry due to the strong opposition from Suraiya's grandmother.  Suraiya later acted with Dev Anand for a half a dozen films and remained unmarried till the end while he got married to Mona Singh after a couple of years.
Started his Career In Mumbai at the Military Censor office in Churchgate
His First Salary Was Rs. 160
His First Film Hum Ek Hain in 1946 which was a big hit and he was offered a Role by Bombay Talkies for their home production ' Ziddi' in 1948 and it became a Super hit. This is where he stuck a friendship with Bollywood legend Guru Dutt
Launch of his own company Navketan in 1949  took its crucial turn in his life and career. From then onwards he had many releases under his own banner. The Anand Brothers together worked towards the success of  Navketan Films which is being administered by his son Suneil.
Dev Anand's style as an actor A fast dialogue delivery style and nodding while doing do soon became the famous trademarks of Dev's acting
Dev Anand's first Award For his classic acting in 1958's Kala Pani. He won the Best Actor Award for this film.
Dev Anand's Block buster 1st hit 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' released in 1971 with Zeenat Aman turned out to be a blockbuster hit.
Dev Anand 's History Dev Anand is considered as one of the most distinguished actors of the Indian film industry.    At the time when his stardom was at its peak, Dev Anand was the most sought after amongst his contemporaries.  for his Sauvé looks and dignified appearance.    Dev Anand's films were mostly socially relevant topics.  Most of his films explored his view points that he put across through his films and were with soul stirring music.  He was a popular film maker and friends with many Bollywood composers like O.P. Nayyar, Sachin Dev Burman and his Son RD Burman.   He had the best lyricsts with him as Majrooh Sultanpuri, Neeraj, Shailendra and playback singers Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar.   Ashok Kumar introduced Dev Anand as the leading man opposite to  Kamini Kaushal in the film ' Ziddi.  Thereafter there has been no looking back for Dev Anand and he was given the title of ' The Evergreen " who went on to become the most popular film star and acted in over 110 movies, spanning from 1946 through to 2005. Dev Anand is also known for introducing two of the most beautiful actresses to Bollywood, namely Zeenat Aman in 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' and Tina Munim in 'Des Pardes.   Dev Anand is perhaps one of the few actors who dreamed of starlet Snehprabha Pradhan and had his dream come true when he got to not only meet her but also act with her. His other dream was of owning a car, a Hillman which was also fulfilled.  
Dev Anand's Awards 1958 - Two Filmfare Awards  which were India's eqivalent to the Oscars in the year  for his performance in the film " Kala Paani" 1966 - for his performance in Navketan International film ' Guide" which went on to win awards in five categories and also was sent as India's entry for the Oscars with the Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck. for the remake in ' The Good Earth". 1993 - Received the Filmfare ' Lifetime Achievement Award" 1996 -  Screen VideoCon Lifetime Achievement Award 1997 - The Mumbai Academy of Moving Images Award for his outstanding Services to the Indian Film Indutry. 1998 -  He was given the Life Time Achievement Award by Ujala Anandlok Film Awards Committee  in Kolkotta 1999 -  Dev Anand received the Sansui Lifetime Achievement award for his Immense Contribution to the Indian Cinema in New Delhi. 2000 - He was awarded the 'Film Goers' Mega Movie Maestro of the Millenium Award in Mumbai. 2000 - He was also honoured in New York City at the hands of the First Lady of the United States of American, then Mrs. Hillary Clinton for his outstanding contribution to the Indian Cinema.  In the same year he was also awarded the 'American Association ' , "star of the Millennium Award in the Silicon Valley , California.   2001 -  The President of Indian honoured Dev Anand with the prestigious Padma Bhushan Award on India's Republic day, August 15th. 2001. Donna Ferrar , member of New York State Assembly honoured him with a New York State Assembly Citation of his Outstanding Contribution to the Cinematic Arts worthy of the Esteem and Gratitude of the Great State of New york. And Dada Saheb Phalke Award   2003 - Dev Anand was given a ' Lifetime Achievement Award' by the F.I.F.A Committee in Johannesburg, South Africa.
International Presence For the Indian Film Icon Dev Anand, who was hobnobbed with the Royalty, heads of States and Celebrities, he has achieved it all. Dev Anand continued to forge ahead in his career with his new All American Film Project, " Song of Life" a musical love story which was entirely shot in the United States of America. A predominantly American Star Cast for which the music is composed and sung by American Singers.  The film was made in English and was directed by Dev Anand.   Dev Anand along with the other film fraternity friends,  Shatrughan Sinha, Inder Sen Johar, Kishore Kumar were amongst the few that actually stood up against the authoritarian and oppressive regime of Indira Gandhi during the Emergency, while many in the opposition preferred to flee India to escape Mrs. Gandhi's wrath. He founded the now extinct National Party of India and was not easily intimated by any threats.
Autobiography 'Romancing with Life' was released on his birthday party in the year 2007. In February 2011 his 1961 Hit ' Hum Duno' was colorized and Re Released.   On December 3rd 2011, due to health reasons his Son Suniel had travelled with him to London and booked a room in the ' Washington Hotel.  At 03.30 hours GMT on Sunday he passed away in his sleep after a massive cardiac arrest.     He is survived by his wife, Kalpana; son, Suniel; and daughter, Devina.   On December 10, 2011, he was cremated in West London's Putney Vale Crematorium. His remains were taken to India and immersed in the Godavari River. He was 88. Thus a legend's Era ended.


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