While watching a film have you ever noticed the celebrity’s well shaped body ? These  Bollywood Actors do not compromise when it comes to watching their calories to ensure they are not only fit but also absolutely healthy and are able to show off their abs and physic with their six pacs, eight packs or […]

The Horror in Bollywood started much earlier and has been around for many decades Before the Ramsays became popular for it. A typical thought that comes to our mind when we speak about  horror film is the creaking door or an ugly as hell monstrous creature or the graphics with blood stains , gory scenes […]

सिनेमा : टी टी एम एम तुझं तू माझं मी कलाकार : ललित प्रभाकर, नेहा महाजन, विद्याधर जोशी, सविता प्रभुणे, सतीश पुळेकर, भारत गणेशपुरे, सागर कारंडे, पुष्कर लोणारकर, कादंबरी कदम, लेखन : तेजपाल वाघ, छायाचित्रण : मयूर हरदास, संगीत : पंकज पडघन दिग्दर्शन : कुलदीप जाधव निर्मिती : वैशाली एंटरटेनमेंट, इरॉस इंटरनॅशनल.   परिणाम । […]

Successful Bollywood stars and their children who take on their role and join the film industry. At the onset of star kids  going to be the future stars of 2017- 2018, or perhaps even 2019,   the trend has been set a decade ago. The new stars of today know how to grab the spotlight and […]

indian film history

A Brief Time Line of Trends in Indian Cinema The term “Bollywood” came in to use during the 1970s. The phrase was a play on Hollywood, replacing the H with a B to show the connection to Bombay, the film hub of India. Although Indian films were made as early as 1913, the 1970s was […]