Sanjog Amitabh Bachchan Unknown Facts And Story

Sanjog Amitabh Bachchan Unknown Facts And Story

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We welcome you all to Amitabh Bachchan’s filmy journey.  Today we start with Amitabh Bachchan’s film Sanjog released in 1972 directed by S.S. Balan.

In this film the main artists were Mala Sinha, Amitabh Bachchan and Aruna IraniThe film is a remake of a Tamil film called Iru Kodugal directed by K. Balchander who had given his first break to Rajnikant in Tamil films.


Mohan essayed by Amitabh Bachchan and Mala Sinha played the role of Asha. Both fall in love and they get married in a temple which is not accepted by his mother.  Due to which they both get separated where in Mohan has been told that Asha is dead in an accident . Asha in actual is pregnant. She is with her parents and her father Shiv Dayal essayed by Madan Puri feels that nobody would marry her in this condition so decides to make her a collector.   Mohan on the other hand, heartbroken marries Seema played by Aruna Irani who has lost her eye sight in the same accident that Asha is supposed to be dead. He leads a happy married life with Seema and two children and her father Nazir Hussain . Mohan works as a clerk in a collector’s office.  A new collector is transferred to that district office he is working and it is none other than Asha. Both are shocked to see each other. Both quietly start working together but soon there are rumors spread that there is an affair between Asha and Mohan. This fake news reaches Seema. Lot of drama goes on and there is unpleasantness and much later,  Seema comes to know that Mohan and Asha have been married 10 years ago and only fate had separated them from each other.  Seema is very unhappy and disturbed and in her state of disappointment she attempts to kill herself as she has lost her will to live and once when she is trying to kill herself, Asha saves her but in the process dies but before dying she wished her eyes  should be given to Seema to lead a normal life with Mohan. 


The end of the film shows Asha’s father bringing Mohan and Asha’s child to them and the film ends with Mohan and Seema and their three children now giving shradanjali to Asha.


Mala Sinha in one of her interviews had mentioned about the shooting of Sanjog that Amitabh Bachchan was very particular about reaching the sets on time and on the day she felt she had reached the sets earlier, Bachchan was always present ahead of time.

The music for this film is rendered by R.D. Burman but the film songs were not much of a hit . Though the script was good and the star cast was good the film did not do well despite being a remake of a South film.



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