Bollywood Villains Who Became More Famous Than The Film’s Hero

Bollywood Villains Who Became More Famous Than The Film’s Hero

A Bollywood villain or bad guy brings the much needed spice and twist in the tale of a movie. They make any simple story more dramatic and bring all the extra flavor it in. The hero and the heroine of the movie of course is the heart of the film where they almost carry the entire film on their shoulder. However, there have been instances where a villain in a mainstream Bollywood movie has a more stronger personality and is more overbearing than the main hero itself. Here is a list of bad guy character in movies who became more famous than the main protagonist!


Gabbar Singh in Sholay

Who can ever forget the dialogue, “Kitne Aadmi The…” It is synonymous with Gabbar in the blockbuster Sholay. Bollywood actor Amjad Khan made the character so famous that the film was known more for his performance and dialogues than anything else.


Crime Master Gogo in Andaaz Apna Apna

Shakti Kapoor was lauded for his incredible performance as Crime Master Gogo in the comedy Andaz Apna Apna. Even thought it wasn’t really a out an out evil or negative character, the name is reminiscent of his funny dialogues and quirky performance.


Mogambo in Mr. India

This one was a malicious character that ran chills down your spine. The nuances that the late Amrish Puri brought to the evil character of Mogambo remained etched in our memories even today.


Lagda Tyagi in Omkara

Saif Ali Khan did total justice to this role. It was a once in a lifetime character for any actor and a chance to show their full potential.The dialogues, performance and persona is a memorable one and most reminiscent of the movie Omkara.


Rauf Lala in Agneepath

The malice and cruelty that the character of Rauf Lala brought into the movie Agneepath was one that would make your skin crawl and bring hated instantly for the character. It was one the most memorable characters played by Rishi Kapoor and a first as a bad man.

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