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C. Ramchandra Copied The Hit Song ‘Eena Meena Deeka’… And Today The Song Is Being Re-Mixed! – Part 2

Music in films began from the first Talkie film Alam Ara (1931). The first song was De De Khuda Ke Naam Pe Pyaare Taaqat…….sung by Wazir Mohammed Khan. The craze for music was so fervent that films made from 1931 to 1949 consisted of many songs. Every film had an average of 10 songs. Surprisingly a film called Indrasabha (1932) had a record number of 72 songs! Thus songs and music have been the backbone of Indian cinema.

Earlier music directors used Hindustani and Carnatic music but with the advent of the ’50s the influence of Western music started in Bollywood. The trend was started by India’s respected music legend C. Ramchandra, who gave hit songs like Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hai Jo Kisi Ka ko Gaya (Anarkali), Kitna Haseen Hai Mausam… (Azaad) or Shola Jo Bhadke … (Albela).

Though C. Ramchandra was a serious music director and made original compositions but by the advent of 50’s there was demand for fast numbers like Jazz and Rock-N-Roll songs hence he got inspired by the west and lifted the tune from Edmundo Ros hit song Chico Chico… (Original 78-rpm recording, Decca F.8608) released in the year1945 and remade a song Gore O Banke Chore Kabhi Meri Gali aaya Karo… (Samadhi -1951)  string Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant.

The song was such a hit that the film became the highest earner in the ’50s solely due to the hit song Gore Gore… Theatre owners of that period claim film buffs saw the film multiple times to listen to the song. During the song, people went crazy and would dance and throw coins on the silver screen!

Encouraged by the huge success of the song C. Ramchandra lifted the tune from Hollywood actor-singer Danny Kaye and made another popular song Eena Meena Deeka… (Aasha – 1957) sung by Kishore Kumar. The song became an instant hit. Hence to cash-on, the song’s popularity filmmaker incorporated a female version on Vyjayanthimala in color! The idea worked and Aasha was a Golden Jubilee Hit!!

What is most infesting is that the song has become a craze among the present generation who is going passionate about re-mixing old classic. The song, Eena Meena Deeka has been first re-mixed by Goldspot by Indian-American Siddhartha Khosla, and Alo Wala led by Chicago-born Shivani Ahlowalia. Besides, the song is re-mixed by Rupa and the April Fishe and Rupa Marya from San Francisco. The Third band group that has re-mixed the vintage song is German indie-pop group Timid Tiger, sung by singer Keshav Purushotham.

Check on U-Tube

The song Gore Gore O Banke Chore Kabhi Meri Gali aaya Karo…

Copied from Chico Chico…

The song Eena Meena Deeka…

Copied from Hollywood actor-singer Danny Kaye

Re-Mix by Goldpsot

re-mixed by Rupa and the April Fishe

Timid Tiger – Ina Meena Dika


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