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Even The Respectable Madan Mohan And Salil Chowdhury Had Lifted Tunes! – Part 6

Generally, it is believed that like Naushad few more Music directors of the Golden Era never turned to West for inspiration and were truly original. It is said Music Directors like Madan Mohan and Salil Chowdhury composed pure original tunes. However, it may surprise readers that film historians in their study have found that even these music wizards have stolen tunes! So, hereunder Indian Film History (IFH) reveals the stolen tunes of these two great music directors.

Let’s begin with Madan Mohan, the King of Ghazal, who gave masterpiece musical hit films like Adalat, Anpadh, Woh Kaun Thi, Heer Ranjha, Dastak, Laila Majnu, etc.

One of the most successful songs of Madan Mohan is Tujhe Kya Sunau Main Ai Dilruba… from the film Aakhiri Dao (1958). The song is sung so soulfully by Mohd. Rafi that even today many music buffs listen the song and marvel at Mohd Rafi’s melodious voice and Madan Mohan’s classic composition. However, there are allegations that Madan Mohan copied the tune from a lesser-known music director Sajjad Hussain‘s hit song Ye Hawa Ye Chandani… from the film Sangdil (1952) starring Dilip Kumar!

Besides the hit song Dil Se Dil Milakar Dekho from the film Mem Sahib (1956) starring Meena Kumari and Kishore Kumar is also a  straight lift from by Frank Sinatra’s hit Hollywood song Isle Of Capri (1934). Yet another song that Madan Mohan is alleged to have copied is the hit Lata Mangeshkar song Thodi Der Ke Liye Mere Ho Jao… from the film Akeli Mat Jaiyo (1963) starring Meena Kumari and Rajendra Kumar. The song is again a blunt copy of the Hernando Hideaway, a tango show tune, sung in the stage and film versions of the musical by Carol Haney in 1954.

Salil Chowdhury‘s best composition was the song Dil Tadap Tadap Ke Kah Raha from Dilip Kumar film Madhumati (1957). Incidentally, Salil Chowdhury has copied the tune from a Polish Folk Song Medley Szla Dziewczka ……..Another super hit song of Salil Chowdhury is Itnaa Na Mujhse Tu Pyaar Badhaa … from Sunil Dutt‘s hit film Chhaya (1961), sadly the popular tune is a direct lift of the Music Wizard of the 17th century Mozart’s celebrated symphony Symphony No. 40.

Yet another song that Salil Chowdhury lifted is his popular song Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke from Bimal Roy‘s debut film Do Bigha Zameen (1953) has been copied from the tune of a Russian Music director Lev Knipper for his Russian Tune Polyushko-polye also known as Meadowlands.


Copied Songs of Madan Mohan

The song Tujhe Kya Sunau Main ai Dilruba

Copied from Ye Hawa Ye Chandani

The song Dil Se Dil Milakar Dekho …….

Copied by Frank Sinatra – Isle Of Capri

The song Thodi Der Ke Liye Mere Ho Jao

Copied from

Copied Songs of Salil Chowdhury

The song Dil Tadap Tadap Ke Kah Raha …….

Copied from “Szla Dziewczka” (Traditional)

The song Itnaa Na Mujhse Tu Pyaar Badhaa

Copied from Music wizard Mozart – Symphony No. 40

The song Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke……..

Copied by Meadowlands” (Lev Knipper)

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