‘Listen To Her’ short film review : explains the many aspects of domestic violence

While we agree that many have understood, respected and practiced that the men and the women are equal, there are still some cases where we really need to listen to the unspoken emotions of women. Only a few would know that the term Shadow Pandemic is used to refer the domestic abuse caused by abusive fathers and husbands during the lockdown as females and children are forced to stay indoors. This side effect of Corona Pandemic stays away from spotlight and news and is hidden under the manipulative helpline numbers, statistics and numbers.

Filmmaker Nandita Das has made such a wonderful movie spot lighting the shadow pandemic issue, shot from home. The film shows two women, one working from home while taking care of her daily responsibilities and one who’s a victim of domestic violence by her husband. The film starts with Nandita Das who is a working mother and is trying to work from home while struggling to manage her child and daily chores .

In this already tense atmosphere, where her attention is divided, she gets a call from a woman who is being abused by her husband. In a matter of time, it shows beautifully the inner turmoil of Das, bringing out the various layers in which women, who are confined at home during the lockdown, are dealing with patriarchy, mental and physical violence, and gender roles of parenting. Whether it is making coffee for a lazy husband while working from home or dealing with domestic violence or taking care of child, the film shows all aspects of domestic violence while being home in lockdown.

The film is backed by various UN agencies like the UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Women and the South Asia Foundation.Made with minimum sources, Listen To Her is a powerful narration and story which will force us to listen to women and all the untold emotions they are feeling. It educates women to speak up, complaint and reach out to helpline number when in need. It also shows that the women helpline numbers and other given links in the video are the right people who one can reach instead of being misguided and go anywhere else .It’s available on YouTube.

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