Madhubala Left Shammi Kapoor Speechless…

Madhubala had a grace and elegance about her that would make many handsome actors go weak in the knees. Her beauty then and even today is unmatched. One such good looking actor who was floored by her magical face was 60’s and 70’s legendary actor, Shammi Kapoor. He had reportedly forgotten his dialogues when she would be in front of him. He has recounted one such embarrassing incident while on a shoot with her, “I was filming a scene with the beautiful Madhubala for our movie Rail Ka Dibba and I just could not take my eyes off her. I had, of course, heard many tales about her mesmerizing beauty but was not prepared to encounter it first hand in such an awkward way. The director had to call out to me twice for me to come back to my senses.” The usually very flamboyant and confident Shammi Kapoor kept forgetting his well-rehearsed lines during the shoot. All this was because of the gorgeous lady he was shooting with. After a point of multiple scoldings from the director to the actor, Madhubala realized the problem and calmed Shammi Kapoor to finally shoot the scene and they soon became good friends!


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