Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Secret Behind Akshay Kumar And Ajay Devgan’s Success As Producers – Part 6

Not Just Bollywood, down South and regional cinema the film industry is fast changing. Gone are the days when top salable stars charged a hefty fee. Nowadays, the latest trend is salable stars turning co-producers. Akshay Kumar, who established his Film Production Company Hari Om Productions in 2008, has a very impressive track record of several hit films. What is…

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Murders In Bollywood

T-Series Owner Gulshan Kumar Was Murdered In Broad Daylight By Hired Goons! – Part 4

Gulshan Kumar, the founder of T-Series Music Company and film producer of the ’90 biggest love story Aashiqui ruled Bollywood in the ’80s and ’90s before he was brutally murdered in 1997 by the Mumbai underworld D-Gangster! Decades later, his son Bhushan Kumar has taken the reins of T-series and taken Film production a step ahead of where his father…

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Mad Race Biopics

Akshay Kumar Revolutionized Biopics By Exploring Socially Awakening Subjects – Part 5

With biopics minting money at box-office, filmmakers dared to explore new subjects that were inspirational, creating social awareness and really hat-ke.  Interestingly the actor who showed faith in such unique subjects was Akshay Kumar, who literally brought a revolution in biopics as his biopics told stories that were rousing and really heroic. Akshay Kumar started with Airlift (2016). The film…

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