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Some songs remain alive forever for their music and some for their dance moves, Saroj Khan gave us the entire library of the latter

Some songs remain alive forever for their music and some for their dance moves, Saroj Khan gave us the entire library of the latter. ‘Choli Ke Piche Kya Hai’… Gets our body moving with the lyrics as it plays anytime anywhere. Yes? The song would have probably been melodious and a hit track if would be only an audio, but…

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Centenary Of Indian Cinema

‘Devdas’ – India’s First Film To Be Adapted Maximum Times On Screen

In Hollywood, most of the films are adapted from the salable literary works of legendary authors. However, in India, the films made on the literary works of legendary authors have not been successful except few notable authors like R.K. Narayan’s The Guide made by Dev Anand but the author whose literary works has been adapted maximum times on-screen in different…

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Mothers' of Bollywood

The New Age Mothers of Bollywood – Part 5

In the late ’80s Bollywood witnessed the emergence of some new and talented actresses who gave a new color and dimension to the mother’s role in Bollywood. The first actress in this category is Reema Lagoo who came from Marathi theatre and films. She made her debut in Bollywood in 1980 with parallel cinema. However, she failed to make her…

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Failed to retain stardom

Even Chocolate Heroes Like Jugul Hansraj Could Not Succeed – Part – 5

Charming personality and handsome looks were considered easy passports to Bollywood. Several stars like Jeetendra, Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, etc. in the ’60s ruled Bollywood, not for their actions but their good looks. The media had coined the term ‘Chocolate hero’ exclusively for such stars. But history is witnessed that many ‘Chocolate hero’ too could make it big despite their…

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Bollywood’s International Success

Bollywood’s international success attributes to the fact that people outside our culture encircling of different languages have a desire to observe and understand our Indian culture through films which in some countries has gained its popularity. One of the reasons could be is that  many westerners think our Indian films are high drama. emotional with lot of costumes, song and…

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Bollywood’s Expensive Disasters

Although it’s said that content is king, there are times when even maverick filmmakers, superstars and stunning budgets fail to save a film from bombing at the box office. Despite trailers garnering immense publicity and hype signifying good buzz for the film, its eventual fate at the box office shows how marketing isn’t an assurance. Irrespective of the budget, star…

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Hindi Cinema’s Romantic Films

Hindi cinema’s genres are very loosely defined, with almost all films having a central romantic theme. It’s not just the romantic melodramas, the romcoms, the romantic action films… The typical story and structure of a Bollywood romance is that a beautiful man and woman meet, take some time to fall in love, then an unexpected crisis brings us to the…

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Top Tear Jerking Bollywood Movies

Indian movies are filled with various elements like comedy, drama, action, romance and fairy tale endings. Filmmakers tend to sensationalise way beyond limits to attract their audience.  At the same time, there are some movies which offer a dose of reality to us. They don’t have a perfect ending. Bollywood movies are great at many things and one of those…

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