Badalta Samay… Badalta Cinema

Badalta Samay… Badalta Cinema – Part 7

How the film industry struggled against Audio Cassette Piracy? Music is the backbone of the Indian film industry. According to trade pundits, 70% of the film industry’s revenue is due to good music. Good music not only builds pre-release publicity but in most cases,  it has played a pivotal role in the mega-success of a film. Since the early ’30s,…

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Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Era When Producers Ruled Cinema – Part 2

Film making may be a director’s craft and a film star’s glitz to pull in the audience into cinema halls but without a sensible ‘producer’ a film cannot be imagined. Hence producers dominated filmmaking in the past. The glorious Prabhat Films founded by actor/director V Shantaram laid the foundation of filmmaking in India in 1929. Prabhat Films made several thought-provoking…

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The decline of Bollywood Music

The Decline Of Bollywood Music – Part 2

Golden Era Music had competent lyricist and music directors well versed in ‘Classical Music’ During the Golden Era filmmakers used film songs as an integral part of the story to create a social awakening in society. Hence music played a key role. During pre-independence days it was the film songs like Door hatoon aye Duniya walo Hindustan Hamara hain… (Kismet…

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Bollywood From Then To Now

Hindi Film Industry, also known as Bollywood, churns out approximately 1000 films every year and is the largest film industry in the world. Ever since Alam Ara, India’s first sound film was produced in 1931, till the present day decade the film industry has had an astonishingly wealthy record of producing a wide range of movies, illustrating diverse spheres of…

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