Bollywood Music Copy Cats

C. Ramchandra Copied The Hit Song ‘Eena Meena Deeka’… And Today The Song Is Being Re-Mixed! – Part 2

Music in films began from the first Talkie film Alam Ara (1931). The first song was De De Khuda Ke Naam Pe Pyaare Taaqat…….sung by Wazir Mohammed Khan. The craze for music was so fervent that films made from 1931 to 1949 consisted of many songs. Every film had an average of 10 songs. Surprisingly a film called Indrasabha (1932) had…

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Mothers' of Bollywood

The Unsung Mothers of Bollywood – Part 4

Many actresses in Bollywood have played mothers role but some have played with such conviction that they became stereotyped and did the off-repetitive mothers role in umpteen films yet it is tragic that the films buffs recognize them only by their ‘face’ and not by their ‘names’. Thus these actresses despite playing successful mother roles are ‘unsung’ or left unrecognized.…

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Double Roles Had A New Formula – Part 2

Bombay Talkies Kismet film popularized double role The movie that made double role a permanent feature in commercial Bollywood film was Kismet (1943). Filmmaker Gyan Mukherjee of Bombay Talkies introduced a unique experimentation of lost and found of identical brothers. The lost and found formula was a big hit in the 60 and 70’s. Remember hit films like Waqt (1965),…

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