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The Shahenshah Of Bollywood Has Done Highest Number Of Double Roles, Here Is Why!

Our favourite classic megastar Amitabh Bachchan holds the record having played dual roles in fifteen films; the other close competitors are Kader Khan, Govinda and Rajesh Khanna. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan is amongst the fortunate few who had the opportunity to play double role in several films. He has played double roles in variety of stories including thriller, comedy and drama.…

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Bollywood’s Most Irritating Acts

Bollywood has always boasted of colorful films and larger than life heroes, heroines and villains. The storyline of most movies is spun around a handful of characters, often portrayed in a clichéd manner. Therefore, it is imperative for the movie makers in India to create characters that were previously unheard of. However, these new characters may also fail to impress…

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Bollywood’s Expensive Disasters

Although it’s said that content is king, there are times when even maverick filmmakers, superstars and stunning budgets fail to save a film from bombing at the box office. Despite trailers garnering immense publicity and hype signifying good buzz for the film, its eventual fate at the box office shows how marketing isn’t an assurance. Irrespective of the budget, star…

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Top 10 Dancers of Bollywood

Bollywood is definitely the right stage for someone to show their talent in dance! In most Bollywood movies there are at least about four songs and these do require the actors do not have two left feat! Bollywood is however blessed with quite a few talented actors, who can not only emote well but also dance so well they set…

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